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Hotel R’n’R Gets Massive Party Mode Update Today


Wolf & Wood’s manic VR smash ’em up, Hotel R’n’R, gets a much needed Party Mode today.

Hotel R’n’R launched in Early Access earlier this year. It’s a game about smashing up hotel rooms and racking up expenses with an increasingly deranged inventory. When we played it earlier this year we had a lot of fun smashing things up and pushing the limits of the game’s physics. It was, however, in need of a bit more substance.

Today’s Party Mode update should bring just that. It allows players to access Setlists, which feature five challenges usually paired to strange weapon combinations. More importantly, though, this mode isn’t tied to the progression of the game’s main campaign, where you have to rack up points to buy certain weapons.

Instead, Setlists provides full access to the game’s entire arsenal right off the bat. You’ll need it to complete tasks like locating specific items or shooting apples off of people’s headsets. It’s also designed to double down on the game’s pass-and-play element, letting friends take turns in causing carnage over the course of a session. There’s also a new ‘Frat Jerk’ skin debuting in the game as part of the update today.

Hotel R’n’R won’t be coming out of Early Access with this update, so expect yet more content in the weeks and months to come. Elsewhere, Wolf & Wood’s excellent VR horror series, The Exorcist: Legion VR, is currently on sale on PSVR as part of an excellent Halloween sale.

Will this update convince you to jump into Hotel R’n’R? Let us know in the comments below!

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