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The Rise of VoiceBots and how AI Voice will dramatically change the way you work


Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

As a consumer in the 21st century, you have likely had the chance to ask an AI voice assistant (eg. Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant) what the weather is. After all, there are already a billion devices in the world that are equipped to serve as your voice assistant — smartphones, watches, car navigation systems, home appliances, etc.

Over the past couple of years, AI Voice technology has evolved from a novelty, bringing smiles to those willing to play with its practically useless features, to a necessity that many cannot imagine living without. Just ask my father-in-law who, while cannot rearrange the apps on his smartphone, refuses to use anything else but his voice to find his favorite shows on TV.

AI Voice has undoubtedly made its way into our homes and into our daily lives. But how about our professional lives? How will AI Voice affect the way we run our businesses?

Listed below are the top 5 AI Voice innovations that will have the biggest impact on the way businesses function. The rest of this article will provide a brief explanation as to why and how.

  1. Dashboards
  2. Meetings
  3. Search & Navigation
  4. B2B/B2C Calls
  5. Authentication
AI Voice Analyst by

We live in the information age where data is king. Thus it’s no wonder that today’s professionals can’t imagine working efficiently without their product management software, all in one place, and at the touch of a button. But what if your hands are full?

Step in: AI Voice. Innovations in AI Voice technology will now make the information that was once only available at your fingertips, available at your lips.

Whether you’re a sales director commuting to work, or a COO making breakfast for your kids, you know the feeling of having your hands full. Many people, in an attempt to stay productive during their forced work hiatuses, listen to a podcast or the news. But now imagine that instead of waiting until you get to the office to find out how your overseas sales team did last night, you can simply ask, “How did the European sales team do yesterday?”

Voice dashboards that use AI Voice will allow you to ask these sorts of questions in the same way you’d ask your AI Voice assistant in the morning, “What’s the weather outside?”

Whether you like them or not, meetings are an essential and integral part of the workplace (see Ted talk for an interesting discussion on the effectiveness of meetings). In fact, there are 55 million meetings happening every day in the US. A successful meeting is not only determined by the value of its content, but also by the ability of its participants to effectively record and relay key takeaways.

How helpful would it be to have a software that does the mundane and mindless task of transcribing and capturing the tasks assigned to specific stakeholders? Well, your in luck! AI voice conferencing software provided by Chorus, Gong, and Voicea do just that. And this is just the beginning.

Soon, advanced software will also provide feedback and coaching to analyze your meetings and provide insight into how you can increase their effectiveness. These tools, that lay just right around the corner, will forever improve the way we operate meetings.

Voice Prototyping in Adobe XD

Many group brainstorming sessions need a pilot. Someone to take control of the computer connected to the big screen while the rest of the team watches. When a design manager calls a meeting to browse stock photography for inspiration, someone has to navigate the meeting, but another has to pilot the computer.

With Voice search and navigation, the team can collaborate more efficiently. Instead of relying on one person, everyone can participate equally and ask the TV “ show me images of horses…brown horses…playing with a puppy.” Adobe is currently pioneering the implementation of this technology primarily for design teams.

“Voice, as a form of interaction, is increasingly becoming a part of digital experiences across lots of different surfaces,” explained Mark Webster, director of product at Adobe, who focuses on voice integration for Adobe XD”.

AI Voice is already bringing a new level of collaboration between teams at work.

VOIQ AI VoiceBots for HubSpot

Have you ever gotten mad at an inanimate object before? How about at one of those answering menus (IVRs)? You know? Those mindless robots that have trouble understanding you? The ones that leave you getting stuck in endless loops of 9s and 1s trying to navigate the maze that is the options menu? The calls that leave you repeatedly pressing the 0 with the hope of communicating with an intelligent being? I know I have!

VoiceBots for Sales, Marketing & Service calls is the innovation that excites me the most. Not only because it’s the innovation my company specializes in, but also because it’s the one I’m most looking forward to experiencing as a consumer.

While IVRs can be helpful in lowering costs, they make the life of consumers more difficult. However, this won’t be the case for long. Soon, when you call customer service, instead of an IVR, you’ll interact with an intelligent voice assistant. Instead of a list of menu options, we’ll soon be greeted by a Voicebot that says, “Hi, this is Jessica, your AI assistant from Chase Bank, how can I help you today?

These intelligent call agents will sound perfectly human and be capable of a fluid and warm conversation. You might not even be able to tell that it’s not a human!

While the technology is in its early stages, innovative and forward thinking sales and marketing professionals are already taking advantage of it. They are using AI Voicebots to allow them to focus on more important tasks by making the mindless calls that they don’t have the time to make. Allowing them to focus on doing the more high level work they were hired to do.

Mobile biometric authentication

Having to create and memorize the 50 passwords you have for the 3 email addresses you use for the dozens of websites you log into every week is not easy. And if you’re like most people, you avoid this work altogether by using the same 3 passwords to manage all of your accounts, which we all know is not secure. And while password managers are functional, they are not optimal.

Imagine that every person owned one unique key, like a fingerprint, to login to every platform. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Our voices are like our fingerprints. Every individual has a distinguished and unique voice. Using voice Authentication is actually more secure than written passwords because your voice can’t be hacked. It’s actually so secure that banking applications are already using it as a login key for their clients accounts.

The five innovations discussed in this post are just a few examples of what’s possible in the world of AI Voice technology. Eventually AI Voice will find its place in all spheres of our personal and professional lives and will make our lives easier by allowing us to focus on what’s important. It’s an exciting time for Voice technology and we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

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