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Beat Games Hints At Potential Collaboration With Superhot


Beat Games has put out a mysterious new poll on Twitter that seems to imply some sort of upcoming collaboration with Superhot.

The tweet reads, “Okay okay. Important question. Should we do a collab with @SUPERHOTTHEGAME???” At the time of writing, the voting results are 93% for “SUPERYES” and 7% for “No.”

While the poll could simply be completely a throwaway joke, and not a hint at something that’s already in the works. If it were a joke, though, it would be an awfully cruel one. We’re already dreaming up the ways in which this could work.

Beat Saber and Superhot are two of the most popular VR games available on almost any platform. Both games were in list of most popular PSVR games in the US and EU, and they’ve both been ported to the Quest and seen great results on the platform.

The real question is what form this collaboration would take? Beat Saber regularly receives updates with new content, so the obvious answer would be a Beat Saber content update with some kind of Superhot tie-in? Maybe some new Beat Saber levels with a Superhot-themed aesthetic? There’s also a chance that some kind of Beat Saber content is coming to Superhot, but who knows how that would work. Slow-mo lightsabers, anyone?

Beat Saber and Superhot are such vastly different games, so it’s hard to visualize what a collaboration between the two would look like. Whatever the tweet might be teasing, we’re excited to try it out.

What would you like to see in a potential Beat Games/Superhot collaboration? Let us know down below in the comments.

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