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Some Of The Most Innovative Chatbots



Digital communication is always changing. Specifically, in online marketing things are moving at a rapid pace and new trends can be born overnight.

Today there is a need for new marketing solutions that can create similar interaction rates. A promising contender to fill this gap has risen to the spotlight in the last couple of years as chatbots are becoming many marketers’ favorite. With their dynamic conversational options, chatbots are the first point of contact for customers and can answer questions, qualify leads and assist customer support 24/7.

Be it via Facebook Messenger, your website or any other messenger/app the use cases of chatbots are as versatile as your imagination and many brands are already using very creative chatbot solutions. In this article, we are introducing some of the most innovative chatbots to you.


Duolingo is a widely used free language learning app. Its main appeal is the gamification of learning a language, making the process fun and entertaining.

One of the biggest challenges for many people learning a new language is being brave enough to talk out loud with others. With Duolingo’s chatbot this fear can be very easily avoided as the app hosts a vocal language bot that you can practice your language skills with. The bots come with different personalities and are built to be conversational and friendly. A bonus point is their 24/7 availability.


Sunny, the digital assistant of the tourism association Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis provides guests and interested parties relevant information about the region. This includes tips on restaurants or hotels, but also information about the weather, snow depths, hiking tours, webcams and much more. Sunny is available via website and as a voice assistant on Amazon Alexa.

Whole Food

Whole Foods’ chatbot has been around since 2016 and made online shopping a lot more enjoyable. With a few taps only, users can scroll through foreign vegetables and tortilla chips alike. For even more convenience the chatbot can point them to one of the many recipes and can understand emojis just as much as text inputs. If a customer is looking for the closest physical shop the chatbot easily points them in the right direction.


LeadPages is an easy to use drag-and-drop landing page builder. By using automated chatbot messages, they were able to multiply their customer conversations. Simply by integrating a quick pop-up message of their chatbot when people were checking out their different plans. This shows that a single message from a chatbot can be all your marketing strategy needs. It is all about engaging customers and starting conversations.


BabyCentre UK is an established site covering topics around pregnancy and parenthood. It features a delivery calculator, self-help guides, and in-depth blog articles for parents to be that are shared via its Facebook Messenger chatbot too. The chatbot asks parents important questions about their children’s age or the challenges they are facing and delivers a suitable answer within seconds.

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Cleo is a financial services chatbot that empowers users to spend their money more wisely. It is built on a powerful AI that connects to the bank account of the user. Once connected, Cleo gives advise on saving money based on individual spending habits. For the users’ security, it is equipped with special encryptions and can access account information but can’t control any other banking functionalities.


In spring 2017 ARAG was the first German insurance company to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot. This travel assistant helps its users find the right type of travel insurance for them. Helping in configuring the best offer and then sending them over to the website to finalize the contract. It uses GIFs and emojis to make this usually boring task at least a bit more fun.

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