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CINEMOOD 360 Portable Projector Offers Kid-Friendly VR Experiences, No Headset Required


The portable projector offers family-focused 360-degree videos and interactive motion games.

CINEMOOD, creators behind one of Amazon’s best-selling portable projector systems, announced a new addition to their product lineup arriving this holiday season that will offer families access to 360-degree videos and games without the need for a dedicated VR headset. 

Available for pre-purchase now, the CINEMOOD 360 is a pocket-sized projector capable of displaying interactive 360-degree content up to 12-feet in both dark and dimly-lit environments. By holding the portable device and aiming it at different positions throughout the room, kids can follow along with preloaded educational Disney experiences, access their favorite parent-locked video streaming services, as well as screen mirroring functionality, and interact with a variety of games and experiences, with a regular stream of additional content on the way.

CINEMOOD 360 Portable Projector Offers Kid-Friendly VR Experiences, No Headset Required 1
Image Credit: CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

Interactive kid-friendly gaming experiences include Ghost Hunt, a spooky hide-and-seek style game in which kids use their CINEMOOD device to locate a handful of frightful specters; Om Nom, a 360 video story where kids follow adorable little creatures referred to as “On Nom’s”; and Uniword, an educational experience that teach kids their ABC’s. 

“As a father, it is important to me that my children are active and not glued to screens or video games,” said Paul Zhuravlev, Co-founder and Managing Director of CINEMOOD, in an official release. “We’ve created CINEMOOD 360 to be the best of both worlds – creating a safer viewing experience that motivates kids to learn and get moving as part of their entertainment.”

CINEMOOD 360 Portable Projector Offers Kid-Friendly VR Experiences, No Headset Required 2
Image Credit: CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

Coming in at just .5lb., the CINEMOOD 360 manages to fit an impressive amount of technology into its sleek, 3-inch body. The device features a built-in 2.5V speaker, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, a dedicated AUX-port, noiseless fanless cooling, a 5-hour rechargeable battery life, and 32GB internal storage. Using a combination of Texas Instruments Corporations Digital Light Processing technology (DLP) and motion tracking sensors, the device creates a 360-degree digital environment that can be viewed piece by piece depending on the angle of the projection; sort of like a magical window leading to colorful new worlds.

CINEMOOD 360 Portable Projector Offers Kid-Friendly VR Experiences, No Headset Required 3
Image Credit: CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

For a more conventional viewing experience, CINEMOOD offers a portable fixed cinema projector complete with 120-hours of preloaded Disney content, as well as Netflix and YouTube streaming capabilities.

The CINEMOOD 360 will begin shipping this December starting at $499 via Amazon and the official CINEMOOD website. Those who are quick to pre-order can pick up one up now for $299, while supplies last.

The 360 portable projector joins an ever-growing lineup of immersive entertainment aimed directly at younger audiences. We’ve talked about VR and AR’s rising presence among toy manufacturers in the past, most recently covering the latest addition to Wonderscope’s library of AR-activated storybooks, which allow kids to interact with educational stories by reading out-loud text presented to them on-screen.

Feature Image Credit: CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

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