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Celsius Network: User Review Guide



Celsius Network is a cryptocurrency lending and bitcoin interest platform that intends to help ‘unback yourself’. Boasting stats of having over 49,000 active wallets and $300 million in assets under management, the $2.2 billion loan organization deserves an updated 2019 review Celsius to see if you should get a cash loan or start earning interest on your crypto as collateral.

Decentralizing the Investing World With Celsius Network

Known as two of the giant names in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Celsius Network and have announced a brand new partnership, making one of the single biggest mergers between two blockchain/crypto businesses.

While this is the case unless you’re one of those people out there that keeps themselves abreast of what’s been going on in the industry. A name like Celsius Network isn’t going to mean too much to you, even though it’s one that you should absolutely consider learning more about.

It’s one of the few services out there that started off with the express desire of flipping financial solutions on their head; serving, according to them, in a way that’s in the best interests of its users and holders of Celsius crypto.

And this gets us into the crux of our discussion here.

Finance – Fairer and Better – Beginning Celsius Network

While it’s only really been around for a couple of years – having been established back in 2017 – the Celsius Network wanted to do for the cryptocurrency market and its users what the early stages of the futures and margin trading/lending did for investors.

Established in London by its now CEO (Alex Mashinsky), COO (S. Daniel Leon), CMO (Keith Baumworld) and CTO (Nuke Goldstein), Celsius made use of Ethereum and its ERC20 token in order to create its own unique blockchain and crypto.

It’s goal? To supplant the commonly used Futures Market and margin trading solutions, allowing them to operate in a more reliable, decentralized way; thereby creating a fairer system that benefits those interested in lending their own currency to potential borrowers and investors.

With the initial concept being brought forward in 2017, the team announced that there would be a dedicated Celsius ICO to get its platform off the ground and become an intercontinental financial solution.

So how successful was this fundraiser? By its conclusion in March 2018, Celsius managed to successfully raise over $50 million.

The Issue with Conventional Investing

During an interview with LiveWire Markets, Donald Amstad of the investment company Aberdeen Standard Investments discussed the kind of challenges that investors face in the current financial climate.

For greater context, Amstad highlights that higher interest rates and inflation result in a more active investment market and, consequently, higher annual returns on investments. You can see this within government, corporate and bank bonds of yesteryear.

But the current financial climate brings with it lower interest rates, lower inflation and, as a result: annual yields become woeful. And considering the fact this is a state of financial affairs that is being prolonged due to financial policies from the ECB, Bank of England and US Federal Reserve means that investors can’t expect impressive returns any time soon.

This is something that the Celsius team concluded with its establishment back in 2017. According to one of its Medium posts, the climate of low inflation and interest is one that’s imitated by banks when it comes to those looking to invest through banking bonds.

How it works for these banks is that they provide relatively meager rates of interest for investors, while capitalizing on dividend returns. This makes for a wholly unfair and completely uncompetitive market for those looking to make their money work.

Enter Celsius, the crypto network designed to help earn, borrow and pay on the blockchain.

Celsius Network – How it Works


It’s no fabrication to refer to this as a decentralized take on bonds or investment market.

Users or those interested in the platform can do more than just HODL their cryptocurrencies; they can actually move their cryptocurrencies from their digital or hard wallet into a unique crypto address within the Celsius platform to earn interest on your crypto and instantly borrow against it with no fees.

In total, there are 18 different crypto assets and stable coins that users can choose to pour into the platform.

Each of these cryptos/StableCoins has an associated typical APR which have a tendency to fluctuate on a weekly basis for a couple of reasons:

The first being the supply of these coins; as the number increases or decreases, this APR with follow suit.

The other being based upon how exactly you decide to receive your interest, with those that choose to be paid in the platform’s native token (the CEL) earning more than those that choose another denomination.

Along with this roster of crypto assets – there are a few more that the company intends to bring to the network in the foreseeable future.

These include further ‘True’ currencies, which include those of Australia (AUD), Hong Kong (HKD), Canada (CAD) and the United Kingdom (GBP), as well as more ‘commonly’ known cryptos like TRON (TRX), EOS and Algorland.


How do you get started?

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to create an account, which is done either through the mobile app, or browser. If it’s through the app, you’ll need to create a 4 digit pin which gives you far easier access to the platform.

Once you’ve undergone the sign-up process, you’ll be able to move digital assets over to a randomly generated crypto address associated with the crypto you want to move.

Always be mindful that the address you’ve generated on Celsius corresponds to the crypto you want to send over.

In general, this process of moving over crypto-assets can take roughly 15-30 mins. You can also choose what kind of interest payment you want to receive, while not being stuck to just using one method.

For example, if you wanted to have an interest yield that paid directly into your Bitcoin amount – you can choose to be paid in Bitcoin – but obtain a lower interest rate.


Alternatively, you can decide to be paid in CEL tokens; unlocking a higher interest rate, along with a range of other unique perks.

These include improved interest percentages, as well as better rates for other services available on the platform.


So how much of a difference does this decision make? Let’s take a stablecoin, for example – like Tether. If you were to deposit about $1,000 to the digital wallet and add it to the pool of available assets.

The first choice is to go for being paid in the same digital asset that you’re investing. In this case, USDT, which would help to increase your annual return, but means you’ll have a lower typical APR; currently 8.10%. Providing you with $81 a year.

However, if you were to get paid in CEL, this typical APR would increase to 8.91%. Factoring out the impact of changes to that percentage, you would be earning $89.1 a year, which only increases if you choose to add more to it.

While this sounds quite marginal compared to other kinds of investments you could be making.

It’s important to point out that this is a passive income and one that you wouldn’t otherwise be making if you stored it in a hard wallet.

What’s more, you can decide to add more crypto to this/these wallets over any kind of time-span; the more (crypto) the merrier!

This is something that goes relatively under-praised, in my opinion. Mainly because if you decided to put your money into an income or growth bond, you’re not as free to add or remove money; all you can do is wait for it to mature. Here is a video clip of Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky with NASDAQ:


There are plenty of avenues for investing when it comes to the cryptocurrency world. Going short for quick gains, long for utilizing it as digital gold or hedge for a (potentially) recessive mainstream investment market.

Alternatively, rather than just letting it stand stagnant, why not let it appreciate and generate a small profit for you while cryptos boom?


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