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7 Missing VR Games We’re Somehow Still Eagerly Awaiting


Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Well, in the case of VR games it often feels like things don’t go to plan. But for all of the excellent games we’ve enjoyed in 2019 thus far, there are still a few that have somehow eluded us.

So here’s 7 missing VR games we’re still eagerly awaiting news on. Let’s hope we get some good news on them soon!

Star Child

Not many developers can call themselves true VR OGs, but Playful Corp is certainly one. Lucky’s Tale was one of the first games announced to be published by Oculus itself. You’d assume this was the start of a beautiful relationship for Playful and VR but its next VR title, Star Child, is a troubled story.

We first saw the game announced for PSVR at E3 2017. It was a sort of 2.5D platformer. It looked pretty promising but, well, we haven’t really seen it since. The E3 demo was eventually released for others to play and Playful has assured us on multiple occasions that it’s still in development. At this point, though, we’re once again wondering if it will ever come out.

Blunt Force


There was a time when Blunt Force looked like one of the most visually-impressive VR games on the horizon. That’s still the case, but games like Medal of Honor VR now threaten to steal any thunder the project might once have held.

This is a promising-looking WW2 shooter. You travel the globe to take part in cinematic shootouts. But developer Monad Rock hasn’t tweeted about it since May 2018 (though still posts about its other VR game, Summer Funland from time to time). A Steam listing still says it’s coming this year but, frankly, we won’t believe anything until the game is actually out at this point.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

7 Missing VR Games We're Somehow Still Eagerly Awaiting 1

This one hurts us. At E3 last year Todd Howard took the stage to proudly introduce The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a mobile spin-off of the beloved franchise that captured a slice of its RPG antics for smartphones. In the same talk, Howard said mobile players would be able to go online and battle against their friends… in VR. An image suggested the game would be playable on an HTC Vive.

Over six months on from launch on Android and iOS, though, and there’s no such feature in sight. It could well be that the game still comes to headsets (it’s meant to be coming to Switch and PS4 this year). We wouldn’t expect to see it for some time yet, though. Of all the missing VR games, this is one of our most wanted.


7 Missing VR Games We're Somehow Still Eagerly Awaiting 3

So, yes, Dreams isn’t technically MIA. In fact it’s technically out, just in a limited Early Access branch. But the game’s promised PSVR support is nowhere to be seen, and we’re wondering if it will ever happen… at least on this headset.

Dreams lets you make your own games and share them online. The idea for PSVR players is that they’ll get to make their own virtual worlds to explore. That instantly makes it one of the most exciting VR titles on the horizon. We suspect, however, that this late in the game developer Media Molecule might be waiting until the launch of PS5 and/or PSVR2 to implement VR support into the platform.

Bebylon Battle Royale

7 Missing VR Games We're Somehow Still Eagerly Awaiting 5

We feel live we’ve been waiting for Bebylon Battle Royale as long as we’ve been alive. Developer Kite and Lightning earned our trust and patience with its excellent free VR experiences back in the Oculus development kit days, but at this point our confidence is a little shaken. In fact, we’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of the game’s announcement.

Kite & Lightning is still active on social media and prominently features the game in various posts, so we’re still optimistic about the game’s chances. Bebylon promises an utterly surreal bit of VR mayhem set on a planet where Bebys (basically babies that never physically age) battle it out. Who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

The Climb On Quest

7 Missing VR Games We're Somehow Still Eagerly Awaiting 7

When Oculus Quest was first announced Crytek’s The Climb was one of the first games Facebook confirmed was coming to the device. Developer Crytek later confirmed that it would be the full game making its way over. In June, we heard that release information was coming ‘soon’.

Well, soon has come and gone in our opinion. The company’s continued silence on the subject suggests to us that The Climb is taking a bit longer than expected on Quest. That’s not surprising given that the game remains one of the most visually rich VR experiences out there. It’s still possible that it makes a 2019 release date, but we won’t hold our breath.

Valve’s Flagship VR Game

valve index

Let’s end on the big one. Back in May we were introduced to the Valve Index. The company’s impressive new PC VR headset is now among us. At its reveal event, however, the company promised that a “flagship Valve game” would be releasing for the device this year. Well, it’s nearly November and… no sign of it.

Repeated attempts to reach out to Valve to clarify if the game’s still coming this year have been unsuccessful. It’s very, very possible that the company is planning some sort of surprise drop within the coming weeks. It’s just as possible, though, that this one might slip beyond the realms of 2019. Fingers crossed that’s not the case.

Are there any missing VR games you’re still waiting on? Let us know in the comments below!

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