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App Package Hints Towards ‘Oculus Assistant’ On Quest In Future Update


A new application package on the Oculus Quest seems to indicate that the device may receive a feature called the ‘Oculus Assistant’ in a future update.

The application appears in the Quest’s v10 firmware, listed under the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab of the library for those who have enabled Developer Mode on their device. The package is titled ‘Oculus Assistant Service’ (com.oculus.assistant), as pictured below.

Oculus Assistant

At the moment, you can open the package and it will request audio permissions. If you allow the request, it opens up a grey window, similar to the one pictured above, in the Oculus Quest house UI which is totally blank except for a small spinning loading circle. At the top of the window is a heading banner with the title “Assistant Test Service”. The loading wheel seemingly never finishes loading and that’s as far as I got with the app on my Quest while testing.

Presumably this hints at a feature the Quest will receive in a future update. Realistically, ‘Oculus Assistant’ could mean a variety of the things, however the title is reminiscent of other voice command and assistant services like Google Assistant and could be related to the AI assistant Facebook has been working. Combined with the fact that the app currently asks for audio permissions, it seems highly likely that you’ll be able to operate your Quest with voice commands in a future update.

This would go nicely with the Quest’s upcoming finger tracking update – paired together, you would be able to simply put the Quest on and use your fingers and your voice to operate the device, no Touch controllers required.

Would you use voice commands on your Quest? Let us know in the comments below.

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