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Tilt Five Finishes Kickstarter Fully Funded, Achieving 3 Stretch Goals


Tilt Five successfully finished its Kickstarter campaign fully funded, far exceeding the $450,000 USD initial goal. The campaign reached a total of $1,767,301 pledged from 3345 backers, unlocking four stretch goals.

Tilt Five is a tabletop, consumer AR system that can be used solo or with multiple people at once, using the compatible glasses and the square game board. We went hands-on with the system back in September before the Kickstarter officially launched.

A $299 pledge promised everything you need for one person to use the system – one pair of the lightweight, high-FOV AR glasses, the square game board to frame the AR content and a wand to interact with what appears on the board, along with some others accessories like the required cables. Three pairs of glasses and three accompanying wands required a pledge of $879.

Tilt Five CEO and Co-founder Jeri Ellisworth also posted an endorsement of the system by Gabe Newell with six hours of the campaign left, who said he was “super impressed” with what the Tilt Five team had built. Tilt Five reached its fourth stretch goal with under two hours left of the campaign.

Tilt Five will launch with several free introductory games, but it has also announced several content partners that bring games to the tabletop AR system, including Monocle Society, Tabletopia and others. As the campaign exceeded its initial funding goal, it also went on to reach three out of four stretch goals that reward backers even more, outlined as follows:

  • Stretch Goal #1 (at $750,000): One new board color available – backers who pledged $359 or more can now choose between a black border or one other color scheme, which will be decided upon in a vote conducted with backers.
  • Stretch Goal #2 (at $1,250,000): One new glasses color and one new wand color – backers who pledged $359 or more can choose between the black and white color scheme and a second color scheme, which will be decided upon in a vote conducted with backers.
  • Stretch Goal #3 (at $1,500,000): Another glasses and wand color available, decided upon in a vote conducted with backers.
  • Stretch Goal #4 ($1,750,000): Three games – Wartile, Chuck’s Challenge 3D and Cubiti pARti – are now included for free with the systems that will ship to Kickstarter backers.

Tilt Five expects to ship most kits to backers in the middle of 2020.

Did you back the Tilt Five Kickstarter campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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