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Pistol Whip’s Deadeye Mode And First Five Levels (Mixed Reality Videos)


Cloudhead is revealing half of Pistol Whip’s levels today and allowing the sharing of gameplay videos.

So today I’m sharing five Pistol Whip gameplay videos captured in my living room using green screens, LIV’s mixed reality app, OBS, and a pre-release version of the game. Pistol Whip debuts Nov. 7 for Quest, Index, Rift and Vive (PSVR is in the works), and earlier this week Cloudhead lifted an embargo allowing me to share my initial impressions of the title and break down its shooter-meets-rhythm game mechanics.

The game features 10 levels at launch, with more planned, that amount to colorful and dreamy maps which seem vaguely inspired by action movie scenes with big gun battles or chases in them. Set to thumping music licensed from  Kannibalen Records, there’s an auto-aim system in place for the main game as well as a “Deadeye” mode that takes away the assistance for folks who want that accuracy challenge, to train or prefer that play style. I’ve played it for more than 40 hours at this point — most of it in the main game mode — and put all of that time into the maps captured for this page.

I’m starting to suspect Pistol Whip will be my go-to VR demonstration title in the coming months. You can wish list it at the following links:

The first video below is the more challenging Deadeye modifier turned on for easy and medium difficulties on Black Magic — the level I’m most familiar with from the auto-aim mode. Below it is a video of the “hard” difficulty with auto-aim. I can’t yet beat the same level on “hard” with Deadeye enabled. Cloudhead provided the video featuring a beta version of the Replicants level, but the rest are recorded by me. My favorite map so far is the last one below, called Death.

Black Magic (Easy & Medium Deadeye Modifier)

Black Magic (Hard, Auto-aim enabled)

Replicants (Beta)

The Grave

R U Afraid (Hard)

Death (Hard)

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