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8 Tips on How to Scale Your Business with Chatbots


Emily Williamson

Digital media has brought everything within the reach of our fingertips. There is nothing that you cannot access through your smartphones or laptops, regardless of wherever you are. Likewise, there are various types of software and applications that have made our lives easy to work with.

In this article, I am going to talk about chatbots and how they can help grow your business. Many businesses have benefited from them and hence it’s time for you to do the same. But before I share the tips on how to scale your business using messenger chatbots, I want us to be clear about which business types they best fit in. So here are three business types where I think they can profit you the most:

● E-Commerce
Sales and SaaS
● Crowdfunding

Let’s move on to the tips.

Now that you know which business type will bring you more profit if you invest in chatbots. it’s time to talk about how you can use chatbots. Here are a few tips that you can follow to scale your business by introducing messenger chatbots.

I am sure we all must have been in a situation where we had a query in the middle of the night and there was no one to address that. Or we wanted something from an online store and could not find it there nor someone whom we could enquire about.

Well, if you are starting your business and want to your audience to do not go through the same problem, you can make sure that there are customer care representatives available for your business who will be available 24/7. And if you cannot make that happen, then what will be better than the messenger chatbots? They can easily take over your customer services and attend your customers in the absence of your staff, even in the middle of the night.

Isn’t it bad for a business to leave some of their clients unattended when there is a rush hour? I am sure this would lead to losing your potential customers who bring you business as well as money. And you would not want this to happen.

Well if you cannot hire more people for your customer care, you can certainly have chatbots that can help you with handling clients, regardless of your clients’ strength. You can also make your chatbots proactive with approaching clients because many of them will not contact you until they are interested in your product.

The key to your business growth is more customers. How can you make sure of that? By offering them what they are looking for. While your customer care representatives can perform this job. But chatbots can do it at a faster rate. Through interacting with your customers, they can gather and monitor important information, such as customer experience, usability, and linguistic capabilities, that you can utilize in the best of your business’ interest.

Hence, you can optimize your chatbots according to the information gain where you can make sure that the goals are set accordingly, various types of welcome messages, additional information about the brand, new products, prices, telling new offers.

Studies show that approximately 51% of customers will never return your business if they had a negative experience once. This negative experience can be bad communication between your customer care representative and your client.

Let’s be honest, sometimes our emotions take over our entire mood. So there might be a fair chance that your customer care representative not feeling well that day. Hence, chatbots can make sure that every customer gets treated nicely, which will result in them having the best experience with your company. Chatbots can also connect customers with an available customer care representative if their queries are not being addressed.

Chatbots can connect your lead and customer data from your CRM to email marketing, web analytics, lead management, surveys, reminders, etc. Hence, automating your marketing strategies. This will bring you more engagement and data. It is far better than the traditional form of marketing where you’ll go to every customer and ask for their input. Chances will be that not every customer will be interested. However, if you smartly and creatively tweak your chatbot messages, more customers will participate in your surveys, show interest in your products will visit your business more often.

Telling everyone about your brand can sometimes become cumbersome as well as boring, especially when you are not in the mood to talk about it. Hence, you struggle sometimes to promote your brand. But do not worry, chatbots can help you build your brand awareness and that too creatively.

You only need to decide who you want to introduce as through your chatbots that will have the authority as well as attract customers. For instance, your chatbot can be a representative of customer care services or a salesperson. Then you can perhaps add a few sample questions for your customers to carry forward the conversation that will add more to their knowledge regarding your brand.

This will not only help your customers getting their specific queries answered but your brand image will be strengthened further.

Not everyone has the means to spend money and time on their customer support when they have other important goals in mind. Although a one time investment, Chatbots can take care of your customer support when you have to focus on other important goals.

Chatbots will not only save your money but time as well. As I mentioned earlier, they are capable of multitasking and can handle several clients at once, addressing different queries. Hence, instead of hiring multiple customer care staff who will not be available 24/7, you can get yourself a chatbot.

Keeping all of the above tips in mind, you can make sure to keep your customers engaged by offering them discounts, your services, tell them about your products, your brand, yourself. There can be many ways of creatively putting forward your point. It can be done either creative welcome messages, a well-thought-out introduction, a carefully curated brand story or simply a personalized message. You can also keep your customers engaged by either short Q&As that could provide you with great data at the same time.

With one time investment, chatbots can prove to be a great and innovative source for your business’ customer support. They can help you grow your business in no time by turning your visitors on your site into customers.

In this article, I have provided you with eight tips to grow your business using chatbots. I have talked about how chatbots can save your resources, multitask, bring your data and insights, create brand awareness, handle many customers at once, etc.

I hope you were convinced enough to get yourself a chatbot made which will help your business grow.

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