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How Conversational AI Helps Convert More Leads


Connie Benton

Since chats became the email of 2019, marketers alongside developers employ new strategies and technologies to approach customer service of the new age. In fact, Conversational AI proves to boost sales and brand loyalty, wait… but first, let’s figure out what is a conversational AI and how it can be used to engage users and convert more leads.

A chatbot is a type of conversational software (or conversational AI) that operates as a virtual assistant and communicates with humans via messaging or chat. Originally, chatbots were designed to respond to very basic user queries. But lately, as they became more advanced, they have been seen as a tool to attract and create life-long customers. Chatbots are very common because of their applicability, flexibility, and capacity to provide users with personalized customer experience.

Conversational software evolved as did our lifestyle. Brands and services now need to make themselves accessible in the context in which customers actually spend their time. As a business owner, you can stay more connected to your clients because chats are the primary mean of communication in our day-to-day life. Think of chatbots as of conversational agents that stimulate communication with your customers 24 / 7 without violating any labor rights.

Conversational software has a lot of benefits over regular human customer service. Bots are more accessible because of the quick connection. It’s less frustrating for the clients since they don’t have to wait for the next available operator. Customers simply talk to software with the option of talking to a human customer representative if a more complex or high-priority problem occurs. Unlike humans, bots need no rest so conveniently for merchants they can operate non-stop. Chatbots are extremely user-engaging and can be employed in different areas ranging from healthcare and education to E-commerce and online marketing.

Now let’s figure out how we can employ bots to be our tools in a conversion rate optimization.

CRO is critical in almost every marketing strategy and implies the process of increasing the amount to website visitors that convert into customers who take the desired action on a page. CRO is not about getting more traffic but rather getting more loyal customers. And guess what? Chatbots are perfect for providing custom experience and keeping customers from going away.

Email vs. chatbots

Email now is more of a workplace thing for the majority of us, when social media and messengers, in fact, are the platforms where work and personal communications meet.

Hence, there is a greater chance that a regular user will respond to a social media post rather than an email. With respect to the fact that messenger bots have higher open rates, they are used to get more leads and divert customers to the company’s website.

AI problem solving

Bots can also redirect users and be helpful in problem-solving. For instance, some users may face certain challenges when they try to access websites due to their geolocation. Chatbots can help solve this issue by recognizing the problem and suggesting users the best VPN service. So, bots can help you not only solve local issues but also prevent you from losing leads and profits.

Customer service is a key

One of the ways of earning customer loyalty is providing excellent customer service. By providing responsive and efficient service for customers, chatbots prove to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Providing strong user experience and thus improving customer satisfaction is vital because it can later be converted into more leads and profit. You need to respect your user’s expectations and try to meet them in order to make your customer’s life easier and your income higher. Personalized authentic experience is a great part of modern customer’s expectations. Since chatbots usually employ personalized greetings, informal language, dynamic recommendations based on the client’s purchase history, bots are becoming personal assistants tailored specifically for a particular customer. Sometimes, developers name their bots or make them project emotions or certain feelings. The more real the experience, the bigger the chance that your customer will develop a positive connection with the bot. Beneficial to eCommerce, chatbots can also stimulate impulsive purchases because they operate non-stop and are able to provide information on products any time of the day (or night.)

After-sale service

What happens after the sale is done is about as much important as the pre-sale process. How do you measure your customer satisfaction? How do you know what needs to be changed to improve customer service? If you want to improve the satisfaction rates and create life-long customers, you need to ask your clients to provide feedback. And here is when chatbots come in handy. Chatbots can be a great tool to collect feedback because they’re so easy and quick to respond to. It’s much easier for the customers to choose out of given options or a rating scale than actually write a reflection on whether they enjoyed the service or no. Another way to improve customer loyalty is reinforcing positive behavior with rewards. For example, when a customer purchases your product or service, you can use bots to send out coupons or

employ a loyalty program with ongoing credits earned from purchases. Employing a reward system is an extremely effective strategy if you want to establish a long-term connection with your customers.

What do the numbers have to say?

If you are still thinking about whether to integrate a chatbot into your marketing strategy or not, take a look at this graph. Bots have the advantage over the top entertaining, music and news apps when it comes to user retention. They keep users more engaged for a longer period of time.

Wrapping up…

Merchants across the globe are adopting conversational software to engage clients, improve customer retention, and increase profitability. Text-based exchange format works best in our day-to-day life due to the fact that the time we spend communicating via messengers exceeds the time we use any other form of communication. Meanwhile, chatbots have their limitations and cannot operate in full without human interruption. Still, they are a great way to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

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