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Syren Finally Comes To EU PSVR Headsets Today


Getting in just in time for Halloween, enjoyable VR horror game, Syren, is finally getting its long-awaited EU PSVR release today.

Both episodes of Hammerhead’s brief tale of terror arrive in one package. The game arrives with some improvements made following its launch in the US region last year.

Syren’s first episode released on PC VR headsets a few years back. In the game, players find themselves in an underwater facility where horrific monsters have been set loose. You need to sneak through rooms without getting caught. The second episode followed on shortly after and was much more action-oriented.

Syren was definitely on the scrappy side when it first released, but there was much to admire about it. It treated VR as an open playing field, giving players the choice between hiding or fighting back, no matter how futile that might be. Visually, it left a little to be desired, but for the time it was an admirable effort.

“Though brief, Syren proves itself to be a worthwhile taster of what VR can really do for horror games,” we said in our review. “While never fully capitalizing on that potential, there are some revelatory moments for the genre here, making you painfully aware of your own self as you hide behind crates and freeze on the spot. That alone helps overlook the short length and handful of bugs and blemishes, and makes Hammerhead VR itself a developer well worth watching.”

Will you be picking up Syren now that it’s out in the EU? Let us know in the comments below!

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