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I connected ManyChat to Youtube. Awesomeness Ensued.


What started off as a platform for my own use has become This article assumes you are already familiar with ManyChat. connects ManyChat with Youtube Videos

Awesomeness would ensue, right?!

Whether it’s MLM, or any other kind of direct sales process, many companies provide videos to explain the business and products.

These videos are often on Youtube, and the typical process would be to send a prospect a video to watch by linking directly to that video on Youtube.

In ManyChat, I can know if they click the link that goes to the video, but I would never know if or when they actually watched the video.

I’m a web developer, so I worked on a solution that would allow me to know when someone actually starts to watch the video, and then if they finish it.

And then…

This information was so valuable to have. I would know the moment they started watching a video, and then, I would know when or if they watched the entire video.

If someone completed the video, I knew the interest level was greater than if they started but didn’t finish.

Also, I knew it was best to personally follow up shortly after they watched the video, rather than bothering them, not knowing when or if they had taken the time to watch.

It was if I could read their mind.

Knowing when and how someone is interacting with the videos allows me to create various actions in the chatbot. Here are a few of the scenarios.

  1. Sales followup. Statistically, you’re more likely to close a sale when the topic and interest is fresh.
  2. Engagement. You can deliver more content when they are currently engaged with the video content, keeping them engaged with your brand.
  3. Segmentation. Knowing who watches what allows you to segment your audience with tags, facebook custom audiences, and more, maximizing your chatbot’s effectiveness.
  4. Reminders. Knowing that someone hasn’t yet watched a video allows you to send gentle reminders to engage with your video content without being annoying.
  5. Training. You can lead a subscriber though content, only if and when they’re ready.

If you’re not a programmer, you might not even know about ManyChat’s API (Application Program Interface). Basically, it allows other programs to interact with ManyChat.

One of the ways ManyChat allows ChatbotMedia to interact with it, is by adding tags to specific subscribers.

This is where the magic starts.

If you want to show a video to a subscriber, you can use ChatbotMedia to host the video. And, as the subscriber watches the video, tags are applied to that subscriber in ManyChat.

You can then use ManyChat’s Automation Rules to trigger actions whenever those tags are applied.

ManyChat Automation Rules

In this example, whenever the “Demo Video: Started” tag is applied to a subscriber, 3 actions are taken.

  1. Remove Tag. This is so that if the trigger will fire in the future if the user starts the video again. Otherwise, if the tag is already applied, it won’t fire this process. So, we need to remove the tag right after it’s applied.
  2. Start a Flow. In this demo, the user will receive a flow to explain the process that’s happening as they watch the video.
  3. Notify Admins. A message it sent to the admins letting them know that the subscriber has started watching the video.

This is just an example, you can do anything you want here. The important thing is that the “Trigger” is “Tag applied”. What you do after the trigger is up to you.

For this to work, all you need to do is use the special link you get from

Here’s an easy way to generate the link.

Linking to a Youtube Video

The ChatbotMedia platform helps you create the proper link to your video so you can copy and paste it into your ManyChat flow.

  1. You select the page you’re using for your chatbot.
  2. Enter the video ID for the Youtube Video you want to display.
  3. Create/Select the ManyChat tags you want to apply to the subscriber.
  4. Copy and paste the URL into ManyChat

In step 3 above, you’ll notice that there are 3 tags that get applied. You can use any tags you want and can even create new tags right inside the ChatbotMedia URL Generator. Here are the 3 types of tags that can be applied.

  1. Started Watching: This just means they pressed play and started watching the video. This tag is applied within a few seconds of the start of the video.
  2. Finished Watching: This means that the subscriber watched at least 95% of the video. So, if they skipped large portions and/or skipped to the end, this tag would not get applied.
  3. Video End: This tag is applied as soon as the video reaches the end and stops, regardless of whether they skipped ahead or not.

The link looks like this:,V:Intro:Finished,V:Intro End&user_id=[USER ID GOES HERE]

It’s kind of long and ugly, but all the hard work is done for you by the URL Generator form.

You don’t have to use the form to generate the URL, but it helps. If you understand the query string in the url, then you might find it easier to just tweak the URL if only minor adjustments need to be made.

One last step needs to be taken after pasting the URL, and that’s replacing [USER ID GOES HERE] with the “User Id” merge field provided by ManyChat. This is how ChatbotMedia knows which subscriber to apply the tags.

You can also, optionally, replace the Page Id in the URL with a merge field as well. This makes it easier if you want to copy the flow to another page. You won’t have to change the URL because the Page Id will be automatically inserted.

There are many ways you can use Youtube video activity as a trigger in ManyChat — sales follow up, audience segmentation, and more. A simple link is all you need to make all that possible. was created to solve my own problem. I hope you use it to improve your ManyChat flows when the need arises.

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