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Spaces Dead, Tilt Five Funded And Win A Quest! VRecap


It’s been a week of trials and tribulations for the VR industry. Pretty much a standard week, then.

David’s back to give you the news this week. Myself and Zeena have lost our passports in France and we can’t get home. I’m being serious. I feel like an idiot. Send help.

Anyway, this time on the VRecap we’re covering the death of Facebook Spaces. The company’s social networking platform has been shut down in order to make room (or Space) for Horizons. But does Horizons really stand to succeed where Spaces failed? We’ll have to wait until next year’s beta to find out.

Elsewhere, Tilt Five is celebrating Kickstarter success. The AR platform just rounded out its crowdfunding campaign and it made a whole heap of cash. Can the CastAR follow-up succeed where its predecessor failed? We’ve got our fingers crossed that that’s the case.

Finally on the news front we have the unexpected announcement of Vader Immortal’s third and final episode. The Star Wars series is concluding much sooner than we’d anticipated. But will the series be able to bow out on a good note following episode II’s stumbles? We’ll find out later this month!

Over in releases we’ve got a few things to list off. Not much love for PSVR players but Quest and PC VR enjoy a strong week. Meanwhile in the comments we’re talking about your favorite VR horror games. Okay, it’s a little late for Halloween now, but these are some winners all the same.

Oh, and you won’t want to miss this week’s giveaway! We’ve teamed up with Synth Riders to offer an Oculus Quest headset! We’re doing two giveaways this week: (10) people will win copies of Synth Riders for Oculus Quest and (1) lucky winner will win a Quest and a copy of the game to go with it!

Head below for a chance to enter and win in both giveaways:

GIVEAWAY: Win An Oculus Quest VR Headset And Copy Of Synth Riders!

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Synth Riders For Oculus Quest!

Okay, that about wraps us up for another week!

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