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SideQuest Now Offers Custom Synth Riders Maps On Quest


It’s only been a few days since the rhythm game Synth Riders made its debut on the Quest but, low and behold, popular sideloading app SideQuest is already offering a way for users to easily install custom songs on the Quest version of the game.

Announced on Reddit, SideQuest now integrates directly with popular Synth Riders modding site SynthRiderz. If you already know how to use SideQuest to load stuff onto your Quest, all you have to do is update SideQuest, connect your Quest and click on the SynthRiderz button on the top right. You can then install any custom songs offered on the SynthRiderz site. It’s as easy as that! (Side note: If you don’t know how to use SideQuest to install custom content, don’t fear! We’re working on a handy guide to help you out – keep an eye out for that one soon — but it’s pretty simple as well.)

If you want to manage or delete your songs in the future, you can just use SideQuest’s file explorer to locate the Synth Riders folder in your Quest and delete the appropriate files for each song.

It’s important to note that unlike games like Beat Saber, custom songs are actually officially supported by the Synth Riders developers. This means that SideQuest isn’t modifying the Synth Riders application package in any way, unlike all Beat Saber custom songs for Quest, which require a custom apk file. This is why BeatOn, which installed a custom Beat Saber apk, is no longer supported on Quest.

This also means that you don’t technically need SideQuest to install custom Synth Riders songs on your Quest. All SideQuest does is download the song files for you and transfer them in the folder designated by the Synth Rider developers for custom song tracks. So, if you want to download the custom song files yourself and transfer them into the correct folder on your Quest file system without SideQuest, you’re more than welcome to. SideQuest does make things a bit more convenient though.

However, you obviously need to own a copy of Synth Riders on Quest. What if you don’t own a copy on Quest? Well, you’re in luck – our current giveaway features ten copies of the game, along with one Oculus Quest headset up for grabs as well. Get on it. Get your friends on it. Find someone who wants a Quest and tell them to enter!

What’s your favorite Synth Riders custom song? Let us know in the comments.

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