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More Sales: Conversational Chatbots are the future


Paolo Angelini

If you are skeptical and you believe that Chatbots eliminate the personal relationship aspect of the sales process, in part I agree with you. Let’s see the top 5 points that impact negatively on businesses that use chatbots.

  • The bad conversational design
  • Impersonal journey and poor customers experience
  • The Bot pretend to be a Human
  • The only strategy you know is spamming people your service or product its the only way to use Bots.
  • You use the wrong platform ( messenger, telegram, etc.. )

What is a chatbot and how it works?

A chatbot is a software that is developed with a purpose to understand and do natural language processing. Just feed any question and you’ll get an instant response.

For instance, you ask for a certain product. It will not only share the best choices but also other related products. Let’s say you applying for a mortgage. The ChatBot assists you step-by-step in filling up the mortgage application through a simple and intuitive conversation …. and if you ask a question, the bot answer right away.

Native Web-ChatBot by

This is one use case and there are tons of others, shows us that machine learning and chatbots hold infinite possibilities for businesses.

Let’s list and concise a few points.

How can sales be improved with chatbots?

Your company salespersons are an interface between a company’s product and the end-user. In other words, the face of the company and they tend to stay in inevitable pressure on a daily basis.

The upside of chatbots can’t be ignored

A chatbot is, indeed, a good automated solution that’s more accurate and less emotional than human beings. However…On the other side, there are humans like me and you. Not other chatbots. Chatbots can’t operate alone, without additional, constant human support.

Handles multiple queries, it’s easy to mature leads

Unlike humans, bots can handle multiple similar queries at the same time. This not only saves time but effort too. Your customers ask the basic questions time and again. If they start becoming more and more specific, a bot can redirect them to the sales lead. Thus, maturing leads have become easy.

24/7 helpdesk for consumer services

Chatbots are replacing the concept of traditional helpdesks. Key metrics could be fed to the chatbot based on natural language human questions which they tend to ask usually.

Automate transactions for users

Messaging platforms can now be integrated with different payment methods and this is helping customers to do transactions with relative ease. In short, it shortens the sales process and is less of a headache for a customer to go through the entire sale process.

Access performance, for surveys and feedback

The Bots could be used for accessing individual performance. They used to collect data reports and thus the performance of a salesperson can easily be evaluated, quarterly or yearly.

At Airlo we build native web-Chabot and create conversational marketing strategies.

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