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Stress Level Zero’s ‘Boneworks’ to Launch in December, New Gameplay Video Here – Road to VR


Boneworks, Stress Level Zero’s upcoming physics-based shooter, now has an official release date, which was revealed in a brand new gameplay video that shows off more of its creepy, but oddly familiar atmosphere.

The game is slated to launch on December 10th, arriving via Steam with support for Vive, Rift, Index and Windows VR headsets.

In the new gameplay video, we get a good look at the sort of resourceful looting you’ll have to do in order to gather weapons and ammo, forcing you to not only keep your eyes open, but to experiment with gadgets such as industrial pallet lifters.

Almost as a love letter to the Half-Life franchise, the game’s last gameplay video in April revealed some very headcrab-like robots, and while agile and deadly, they didn’t really hit on the true creep-factor that the newly revealed zombie-esque creatures do in the new video.

Stress Level Zero's 'Boneworks' to Launch in December, New Gameplay Video Here – Road to VR 1
Image courtesy Stress Level Zero

Are they experiments gone wrong? Whatever they are, their vector-style skin (armor?) and glowing red spots that appear when you damage them makes for an interesting diversion from standard zombie fare—especially because you can go full melee and break improvised weapons over their heads, eg. an old CRT monitor.

In the previous gameplay video, Stress Level Zero’s Brandon Laatsch mentioned that Boneworks is essentially based on a static set of physics-based rules which gives players the freedom to tackle both puzzles and combat in their own way—the polar opposite of scripted, and therefore pre-ordained actions.

Here’s how the studio describes it:

Boneworks is an experimental VR physics action adventure game coming to you on December 10th! Witness the events that unravel after Monogon’s MythOS locks down after an unexpected Void breach. Then, play for endless hours with a physics sandbox mode, battle arena, and story replays for additional powerful items.

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