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Boneworks Quest Spin-Off Won’t Be Revealed Until Next Year


If you were hoping to hear more about the Boneworks Quest spin-off this year, we’ve got bad news.

Stress Level Zero’s Brandon J Laatsch recently took to Twitter to confirm that the game won’t “re-emerge” until next year.

Boneworks Quest was announced at Oculus Connect 6 back in September. At the time, we heard that the game would be a new title set in the same universe as the hotly-anticipated PC release. Sadly, there aren’t any other details to share at the moment.

We’re eager to see how the series will shape up on Quest, though. Boneworks on PC holds so much promise thanks to its impressive physics system. The game features realistic handling of weapons, objects and the player’s own body in a way that hasn’t really been seen in VR so far. In fact, when we played the game for ourselves we said it felt like the first next-generation VR game.

Exactly how that will translate to Quest remains to be seen. The standalone headset doesn’t boast the power of a PC, so can it handle those impressive physics? Fingers crossed it can.

Late last week we reported that Boneworks on PC will be arriving on December 10 with support for all PC VR headsets. Given the game’s late 2019 release, we wouldn’t expect to see the Quest project for some time yet. That said, the game is billed for release sometime in 2020.

Will Boneworks on PC be enough to tide you over? Or do you need your Quest fix asap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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