Minecraft Earth Is Finally Available In The United States


After gradually launching across a few smaller countries in the last few weeks, Minecraft Earth is finally available to download in the United States.

While the game is still in early access, anyone in a launch region can download and play the game. So far, those regions the United Kingdom, New Zealand, IcelandAustralia, Mexico, SwedenCanada, South Korea and the Philippines and, as of today, the United States.

The game takes classic Minecraft mechanics and merges them with map-based, AR gameplay similar to games like Pokemon Go. You can collect materials while walking around your neighborhood and then use them to build AR Minecraft structures with your phone’s camera.

We also posted our full impressions piece of the game earlier today as well. Here’s a brief snippet of what we thought:

“Minecraft Earth feels very well intertwined with the ideas in the original Minecraft game. It takes advantage of existing, well-known Minecraft mechanics in a new way that feels like your world is transforming around you. Unlike Wizards Unite, there is true magic at work here.”

That being said, the game also isn’t without its faults. You can read more here.

We also posted a preview video showing the core gameplay, including the AR elements, and some of the game’s main features. You can check that out above or over on our YouTube channel.

Will you be jumping into Minecraft Earth, now that it’s available in the US? Or have you already given it a spin? Let us know in the comments below.

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