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CryptoCompare: Cryptocurrency Market and Exchange Data Review


cryptocompare guide

CryptoCompare is a market and pricing data platform founded in 2014 to provide retail and institutional investors with the data they need. Find out everything you need to know about how CryptoCompare works and what they offer to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in our review.

What is CryptoCompare?

CryptoCompare is a crypto market information service that aims to bridge the gap between crypto-asset markets and traditional financial markets.

official cryptocompare website

Founded in 2014, CryptoCompare has grown to provide cryptocurrency data to companies around the world, giving retail and institutional investors access to real-time, high-quality, reliable market and pricing data for 5,300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs.

cryptocompare crypto market pricing

CryptoCompare gets its information by aggregating and analyzing tick data from major cryptocurrency exchanges. Then, CryptoCompare integrates different datasets to create cryptocurrency prices. The result is not just the price of Bitcoin, but a holistic overview of the market. CryptoCompare also provides data at the granular level, including cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain, and historical data, social data, reports, and a suite of cryptocurrency indices.

cryptocompare crypto exchange pricing

CryptoCompare, who is based in London, has an Alexa ranking of under 17,000 globally and is free for personal and non-commercial purposes. It’s also free for commercial trials. Commercial customers, meanwhile, can pay $80 to $200 per month for a CryptoCompare subscription, with customized enterprise pricing also available.

cryptocompare crypto data

CryptoCompare Features

CryptoCompare offers the following key features and benefits:

Historical and Real-Time Digital Asset Data: CryptoCompare’s core service is its data. The company provides institutions with definitive, real-time digital asset data through its API. The company’s API and WebSocket solutions offer institutional-grade crypto data to millions of customers worldwide.

Custom Bespoke Digital Asset Data Service Solutions: CryptoCompare offers bespoke, tailor-made implementations, including enterprise data access packages and digital asset indices catered to the unique needs of organizations.

cryptocompare cryptoasset tools

5,300+ Coins: CryptoCompare supports virtually every notable coin in the crypto-sphere. As of November 2019, CryptoCompare supports 5,300+ coins including the big ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).

240,000+ Currency Pairs: CryptoCompare tracks 240,000+ currency pairs on markets worldwide.

cryptocompare currency pairs

Mobile Apps: CryptoCompare offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. The mobile apps let you follow live crypto prices in real-time, add coins to your watchlist, and keep up-to-date with crypto news. You can also maintain multiple portfolios, view detailed information about each coin, and apply technical analysis, among other features.

Exchange Reviews: CryptoCompare releases crypto exchange reviews every month. These exchange reviews cover the latest updates from the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, including monthly trading volume, unique currency pair movements, exchange-by-exchange volume breakdowns, and more. CryptoCompare only reviews trusted exchanges, including exchanges from which CryptoCompare collects data.

Top Lists: CryptoCompare has several ‘top lists’ on its website where they feature the best of a certain category. They have a list of the top coins, exchange, ICOs, mining platforms, wallets, cards, and gambling platforms, for example.

Research: CryptoCompare periodically releases high-quality research, including exchange reviews, benchmarks, and detailed guides on specific coins. The company’s in-house team of analysts and data scientists offer objective insight into all different aspects of the digital asset industry.

40,000 Calls Per Second: CryptoCompare’s API supports up to 40,000+ calls per second and 800+ trades per second.

Digital Asset Summit: CryptoCompare has launched an event called the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit. The event takes place in London, bringing together experts from across the digital asset and data analysis industry.

Free and Paid Subscriptions: CryptoCompare is free for personal and non-commercial users. Commercial users, meanwhile, can pay $80 to $200 per month, with customized enterprise pricing also available.

Unique Digital Asset Price and Index Methodology: CryptoCompare uses its proprietary aggregate index methodology called CCCAGG to calculate the market price of crypto pairs traded across exchanges. Based on this information, CryptoCompare can create aggregate digital asset indices.

Digital Asset Indices: CryptoCompare offers a wide range of digital asset indices through either itself or its partners, including the Amun Crypto Basket (HODL5), the Crescent Crypto Alt (CCALT), the MVIS Bitcoin OTC Spot (MVBTCO), and the MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum (MVETH), among dozens of other indices. Many of these indices are created in partnership with MV Index Solutions (MVIS), which is a subsidiary of VanEck.

cryptocompare digital asset indices

Custom and Whitelabel Solutions: CryptoCompare offers a suite of indices that provide comprehensive market valuation benchmarks. Customers can partner with CryptoCompare to create their index, for example, by taking advantage of CryptoCompare’s custom and white label solutions. CryptoCompare’s custom and whitlelabel solutions include independent index backtesting, end-of-day, and real-time index calculation, methodology consultation and support, index maintenance and administration, index documentation, and public dissemination via leading vendors (Bloomberg, Factset, Morningstar, and Refinitiv).

cryptocompare API

How to Use CryptoCompare

Using CryptoCompare is easy. Just visit, choose your plan, then get your key.

If you are a personal or non-commercial user, or if you want a trial, then you can get your free key instantly. CryptoCompare just needs an email address and password to sign up for the platform.

If you are a commercial user or have higher-end data needs, then you can sign up for a commercial plan through CryptoCompare. Plans range from $80 to $200 per month for small and medium-sized businesses.

Up until recently, CryptoCompare offered only a free, publicly-available API with IP-based rate limiting. Starting in late 2018, however, CryptoCompare implemented a new API data service that caters to both personal and commercial users with API key authentication.

Enterprise users, meanwhile, can contact CryptoCompare for custom pricing and custom data solutions.

How Does CryptoCompare Work?

CryptoCompare provides institutions and retail investors with real-time digital asset data. Based on your subscription package, you can access a certain number of calls per month and 60+ market data endpoints.

You can also view the full daily and hourly historical data. All subscription plans have access to 7-day minute historical data, although enterprise users also gain access to a full year’s worth of minute historical data.

CryptoCompare connects with leading exchanges to collect this data. Then, customers access CryptoCompare’s data via APIs and WebSocket solutions.

CryptoCompare also offers customized integration solutions, including bespoke options for enterprise users who want to integrate CryptoCompare’s data feed into their existing systems.

CryptoCompare also offers crypto indices, making it easy for institutions and retail investors to view market information at a glance. CryptoCompare’s real-time aggregate index methodology (CCCAGG) calculates the market price of cryptocurrency pairs traded across exchanges. Aggregating transaction data from more than 170 exchanges, CryptoCompare uses a 24-hour volume-weighted average for every currency pair, ultimately creating something like CCCAGG BTC-USD.

how cryptocompare works

At the same time, CryptoCompare acknowledges that data can be inconsistent across exchanges due to factors like hackings, broken APIs, low liquidity levels, transaction fees, and market manipulation. That’s why CryptoCompare’s methodology accounts for a comprehensive range of parameters, including outlier detection across trades, to ultimately deliver the most accurate possible data to customers.

Finally, CryptoCompare publishes a monthly exchange review to maintain a pool of CCCAGG exchanges that meet a minimum data standard. CryptoCompare reviews and amends this pool each month to ensure the most representative and reliable market data from constituent exchanges are used in CCCAGG calculations.

CryptoCompare Pricing

CryptoCompare has four different pricing tiers catered to different types of users, including all of the following:

Personal (Free)

Free key for personal/non-commercial projects or commercial trial purposes

  • 100,000 calls per month
  • 60+ market data endpoints
  • Full daily and hourly historical data
  • 7-day minute historical data
  • Binance (BTC-USDT) order book snapshot
  • Customer support via the FAQ section

Commercial ($79.99 Per Month Paid Annually / $95.99 Per Month Paid Monthly)

For small scale commercial projects needing a basic crypto data solution

  • 250,000 calls per month
  • 60+ market data endpoints
  • Full daily and hourly historical data
  • 7-day minute historical data
  • Binance (BTC & ETH) order book snapshot
  • Customer support via email

Commercial Pro ($199.99 Per Month Paid Annually / $239.99 Per Month Paid Monthly)

For medium-sized organizations and institutional clients needing advanced crypto data solutions

  • 750,000 calls per month
  • 60+ market data endpoints
  • Full daily and hourly historical data
  • 7-day minute historical data
  • Full Binance order book snapshot
  • Customer support via priority email

Enterprise (Custom Pricing for Enterprise Users)

For large enterprise organizations and institutions needing a fully customizable crypto data solution with unlimited data access

  • Custom number of calls per month
  • 60+ and custom market data endpoints
  • Full daily and hourly historical data
  • Year+ minute historical data
  • Order book snapshots and streaming from multiple exchanges
  • Customer support via account manager
  • Bonus features like indexing services, FIX connectivity, private servers
  • You can pay for CryptoCompare subscriptions via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, BTC, or ETH.

cryptocompare crypto plans

CryptoCompare offers refunds within 30 days of receiving payment. CryptoCompare also offers a fair-use refund policy: if you have used less than 10% of your monthly call limit then you can call CryptoCompare’s support team within 30 days of payment and the company will review your activity to determine if you are eligible for a full refund.

About CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014. The company is based in London, U.K.

cryptocompare leadership team

The company is led by Charles Hayter (CEO & Co-Founder) and Vlad Cealicu (CTO & Co-Founder). Hayter previously worked as an Equity Research Analyst at CitiBank and Westhall Capital, while Cealicu worked as a Web Developer for ADVFN and as the Head of Software Development at LSBF.

CryptoCompare transparently lists all team information online, including team contact information, LinkedIn profiles, and other information.

CryptoCompare has also partnered with some major names in the space. These strategic partnerships help CryptoCompare bring real-time information to its customers.

CryptoCompare has partnered with VanEck’s indices division, MVIS, for example, to deliver a suite of indices for cryptocurrencies (similar to the FSTE or NYSE matrix). CryptoCompare also provides data to Refinitiv and has a partnership with Nasdaq, Binance, Coinbase, and other major corporations.

Final Word

CryptoCompare is one of the leading digital asset data providers in the industry along with popular cryptocurrency market services like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The company is trusted by some of the biggest names in the space, including Refinitiv, Binance, Coinbase, and MVIS. The London-based organization offers free plans to personal, non-commercial users along with paid subscriptions for small, medium, and enterprise users.

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