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Doctor Who VR May Get DLC ‘If It Does Really Well’


Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time has been out for 24 hours now which, if you already bought it, means there’s a good chance you’ve already beaten it too. At two or so hours in length, it’s pretty easy to see the game through in one sitting. But could there be more content on the way?

Quite possibly, but only if the game sells well enough. That is according to Neil Millstone, Lead Developer at Maze Theory. Speaking in a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Millstone said the game could get more content if it “does really well” sales-wise.

“If the game does really well, I would imagine we’ll be adding more content,” Millstone said. “But we don’t have current plans.”

We quite liked The Edge Of Time, but there’s definitely more of the Whoniverse we want to explore. Iconic Doctor Who villains such as the Cybermen are nowhere to be seen in the game, for example, and even the Daleks only have a brief appearance. It definitely feels like there’s more ground to explore, so we’d welcome more content.

For now, though, we’re looking forward to the game’s release on the Oculus Quest in mid-December. As it stands, The Edge Of Time is available on PC VR and PSVR devices.

We gave the game three stars in our review this week. “The Edge of Time settles for bringing the series’ most tried and true elements directly into headsets in hopes of winning over dedicated fans,” we said. “It plays more like a rejected episode of the TV series rather than something that fully embraces its platform. The Who faithful be satisfied in that safety, I suspect, but I personally can’t help but wish this was a little more dangerous.”

Hopefully some new content could reverse those fortunes, then.

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