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Every Insomniac Games VR Game Ever Reviewed


Insomniac Games is one of the gaming industry’s longest-running, most respected and all-round best developers.

From early hits like Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank leading all the way up to 2018’s blockbuster Spider-Man game, the studio’s bound to have made something you played and loved.

But did you know Insomniac made a bunch of great VR games too?

In fact, Insomniac was one of the first developers Oculus partnered with under its Studios banner. Since then the developer released a total of four Oculus Rift exclusives in the past three and a half years. That’s no small feat. Take a trip back in time now as we revisit every Insomniac VR game we’ve reviewed so far. The team’s now owned by Sony, but we hope to see more VR from them going forward.

Edge of Nowhere – 9/10 (Read Our Review)

Insomniac’s VR debut was a thrilling third-person action game that mixed elements of the Uncharted series, Dead Space and Lovecraftian horror. Played with a gamepad, you set out on an arctic expedition in search of lost friends. It’s not long before you descend into madness and fight for survival against horrifying monsters.

What we said: ‘Edge of Nowhere is an uncomfortably personal and unnerving horror experience unlike anything else I’ve seen inside of a VR headset. This is an Oculus Rift exclusive that is not to be missed.’

Feral Rites – 5/10 (Read Our Review)

Every Insomniac Games VR Game Ever Reviewed 1

While Edge of Nowhere marked a great start for Insomniac and VR, Feral Rites was a less than successful follow-up. It’s a third-person brawler in which you can transform into monsters and lay a massive beatdown. Sluggish pacing and boring gameplay made for a forgettable experience, though, and the game’s price infamously plummeted upon release.

What we said: ‘Feral Rites isn’t necessarily a bad game, but it’s also well below the usual standard of excellence one expects from Insomniac. Fans of brawlers may want to pick this one up to experience their favorite genre in VR, but everyone else should feel safe giving it a pass.’

The Unspoken – 9/10 (Read Our Review)

Getting back into fighting shape, The Unspoken is Insomniac’s first VR game to utilize the Oculus Touch controllers. It delivers on the spell-binding promise of multiplayer wizard battles, using gesture-based inputs to deliver spectacular showdowns. We loved its multiplayer features but, since then, Insomniac has gone back and added a deeper single-player component too.

What we said: ‘This is a title that could only ever work in a VR headset and it succeeds because of, rather than in spite of, the unique capabilities of its platform. The Unspoken represents everything that is fun about playing games in VR and has all the makings of an iconic title we will still be talking about for years to come.’

Stormland – :star: :star: :star: :star: 4/5 Stars (Read Our Review)

Insomniac’s first new VR game in years is easily its biggest and most ambitious to date (and the first to be reviewed on our new 5 Star scoring system). This is an evolving first-person shooter in which you surf the clouds between interconnected islands, gunning down enemies in either single-player or two-player co-op. It’s often breathtaking to play, but not without issue.

What we said: ‘Many of its dizzying strands of design are dreamlike in delivery, from the seamless UI and scaling cliff faces with Olympic proficiency to effortlessly surfing its bed of clouds or unloading a rattling barrage of bullets on enemies. Its stumbles are as obvious as they are numerous, but it picks itself back up again time after time. The seas of VR shooter development are still stormy, but Stormland sails them with aplomb.’

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