Shooting Across The Stormy Seas


Tomorrow’s the big day for Rift owners; Insomniac’s Stormland is finally upon us.

But, before you go adventuring across the stormy seas of this excellent first-person shooter (FPS), let us take you on a tour of its many sights (or at least the ones available this week) with our pre-launch livestream!

We’re going to be playing through some of our review build of the game, shooting robots, upgrading gear and maybe doing a Superman impression or two.

In Stormland, you take on a group of bad robots named The Tempest. You’re a robot with a range of combat abilities, including the ability to climb more surfaces and even glide though the air. More importantly, though, this is a live game; the Stormland is remixed every week as you battle to the top. Oh, and there’s two-player co-op support to boot.

Here’s what we said in our review:

“There’s plenty more work to be done, then, but when looking back at the shape of VR shooters over the past three years, Stormland shines as a real achievement. Many of its dizzying strands of design are dreamlike in delivery, from the seamless UI and scaling cliff faces with Olympic proficiency to effortlessly surfing its bed of clouds or unloading a rattling barrage of bullets on enemies. Its stumbles are as obvious as they are numerous, but it picks itself back up again time after time. The seas of VR shooter development are still stormy, but Stormland sails them with aplomb.”

Are you going to be picking up Stormland tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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