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Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases


chatbot use cases

Chatbots are software products that have the ability to perform conversation on behalf of humans through auditory or textual messages. In this article, we are going to discuss various uses of potential cases of chatbots for the upcoming year 2020.

But before that we should look at some stats and facts on chatbots:

  • 63 percent of people would consider interacting with a chatbot (mindshareworld)
  • 80 percent of businesses are predicted to have a chatbot by the year 2020 (Business Insider)

Now, let’s get into the discussion! With digital transformation and the constantly evolving digital landscape, customers are hyper-connected across mobiles, tablets, social and even non-digital avenues. This is changing the way enterprises do business and has created a need to create and offer products, services, and solutions that resonate with customers personally. The customer expects fast responses and instant gratification.

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Answering questions from customers and taking actions on their behalf is part of a business’s lifeblood and a key driver for engagement. Getting it done effectively meaning accurately and quickly is one of the key factors in retaining your customers, even as their demands increase and the kind of experience you provide becomes more and more of a differentiator.

The chatbot is the panacea for the aforementioned issue of customer engagement. The age of chatbots or at least the age of hype about chatbots is clearly here. And the growth of chatbots is rapidly accelerating as businesses deploy chatbots across most major sectors including banking and financial services. This has lead software development companies to focus more on chatbots.

The following are/would be innovative uses of the chatbot in 2020 and beyond


• Query your airline about available flights and make a booking through the conversational interface.

• Receive flight check-in reminders, change seat or select your meal in advance. Receive boarding passes within the conversation thread as well as flight status notifications.

Mobile Banking

• Contact your bank and using secure authentication, use financial services with another bank such as transfer money or request account balance.

• Inform your bank that you are going to a specific foreign location beforehand to pre-authorise the foreign usage of credit cards.

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 1

• Be reliably contacted by your bank checking on a suspicious credit card charge. Block the card and obtain a new one while taking the necessary fraud reporting steps immediately from the conversation.

Customer Services and Support

• Send questions and concerns directly to a company about your subscription through a conversational- based messaging interface instead of waiting in a long phone queue

• Compose a message with your request at your convenience and receive meaningful feedback in return.

Resource reservation and Personal organization

• Book a ticket for the cinema, select your movie, your seat and finally complete the booking by triggering the payment and receiving the ticket (e.g. Qr code) in your conversation screen.

Shopping and Purchasing

• Purchase goods online.

• Contact the seller and explain exactly what you want.

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 2

Information exchange and media subscriptions

• Send a one-off message to anonymously vote in your favorite TV show

• receive confirmation and a reminder about the next opportunity to vote.

• receive an offer to watch premium content e.g. pay and watch the video of the winning song through the messaging interface


• Keep yourself amused with conversation-based games and puzzles in a gaming chatbot.

• Interaction within a game is saved and accessible to be continued at your convenience in the messaging conversation.

• Communicate with others on the top scoreboard

Appointment alerted service management

• Get reminders on tasks that need to be completed.

Promotional codes

• receive marketing messages that contain brand logos and images

of products as well as promotional codes.

Intra-company communication

• receives messages from a closed user group such as an intracompany communication designed for employees of the same company.

• Support confidentiality obligations i.e. communications are not subject to data mining etc.

• Initiate a voice call to a number associated with the chatbot owner during the session.


• Pay for products or services with end to end encryption within the messaging app.

• These interactions can have different levels of authentication based on the service (i.e. buying a sticker can occur anonymously, but transacting with your bank account requires higher levels of security).

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 3

Geo-location and calendar-based services

• Combine location, calendar, and public APIs to receive information from a chatbot suggesting times and routes to your next destination based on the events in your calendar. For example, you could receive a message from the chatbot to let you know when you have to get on your way to your next event, with directions, best route, traffic information, and/ or public transportation details.

Location tracking

• Share your location with relatives and close ones so that they know where you are.

• Agree on a meeting venue with friends in a group conversation and track each other on your way to the venue.

To-do lists

• Set up and manage shopping lists or to-do lists within a 1-to-1 or group conversation.

• Cross off items once they are purchased or completed and share the list with contacts as desired.

Voting and polls

• Set up a poll or quiz for invited contacts to participate in.

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 4


• Translate text in any language as you type.


• Track fitness using the smartphone’s activity data and share this with the fitness tracking provider of your choice.

• Receive regular information on sports exercises, messages of encouragement, health tips, etc

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots offer a conversational experience using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mimic conversations with real people.

Types of Chatbots

A Chatbot may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response, or it may be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques with complex conversational state tracking and integration into existing business services.

Scripted Chatbots

• Basic and scripted

• Looks for key phrases and give predefined responses

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 5

Intent Recognizers

• Machine learning capabilities

• Greatly improved understanding of user intent, relationships between words are taken into account to extract meaning from a request

Virtual Agents

• Able to understand what a human is trying to achieve and can hold an end-to-end conversation

• Connects to other systems to leverage user data and insights

• Learns and improves over time

Human-like Advisor

• General AI, also known as human-level AI or strong AI

• The type of Artificial Intelligence that can understand and reason its environment as a human would

Key features of chatbots

Reduced operational pressures: Chatbots answer repeatable queries and questions that call center or salesforce would handle.

Low IT operating cost: Low price point combined with options to reduce mobile application expenses; this is not IT labor-intensive.

Broad applicability across the organization: Repeatable processes across the organization benefit from becoming tenants on a chatbot platform.

Continuous improvement: Analytics expose areas for continuous improvement to conversations and new use cases.

Driven by end-users: The ultimate consumer drives the conversation in ways they are familiar with a low learning curve.

Personality: Organizations decide on the personality and human qualities of the bot.

Three major benefits

1. Realized cost benefits: Chatbots enable a new era of self-service where employees can talk with them to resolve support requests. With fewer phone calls, fewer IT tickets and fewer emails navigating to the right source, chatbots reduce hours spent on low-priority issues and allow human support agents to tackle more complex issues.

2. Increased efficiency: Chatbots are available 24/7 to assist employees in performing various tasks. It typically takes eight months for new employees to reach full productivity.

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 6

Instead of training employees to operate business applications and navigate through vast knowledge depositories, companies can integrate chatbots with existing enterprise platforms and improve upon the current business processes.

3. Improved end-user satisfaction: Most professionals are inundated with too much information, and they have very few tools to help them handle the flood. With EVAs, internal enterprise support teams will become more easily accessible as employees can simply message them. This allows employees to spend less time searching through corporate policies and focus more on their job functions.

Wrapping up

In the upcoming year 2020, we are going to see chatbots performing services like location tracking, language translation, payment, gaming, and shopping. This information is quite crucial for people who are entrepreneurs.

In case you are an entrepreneur and want to enhance your business, then you can take advantage of chatbots to offer services to your customers. It will put a big impact on the growth of your revenue.

You can contact such chatbot development companies to make chatbots for your business.

Don’t forget to give us your 👏 !

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 7

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 8
Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 9
Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 10

Chatbots for 2020? 17 Interesting Use Cases 11

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