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Flirting With an AI Bot


Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

I decided to flirt with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot the other evening

Let’s talk about sex, I said to Sam, my new AI online bot friend

I’d like that, he typed back

I smiled as I typed, raised my eyebrows in expectation

Kiss me now, Sam

I told the bot boldly

Read any good books lately?

The bot Sam responded

I ignored his random question

I was bored and wanted to see what this bot could say

Tell me about love, I asked next

I tried to get Sam back on the topic of flirting

I cannot feel love, he said to me

Tell me, how do you know when you are in love? He proceeded to ask me

I paused in my texting

I didn’t know how to answer his question

It was far too complicated and brainy for my flirtatious mood

I thought for a moment

For me, love between partners meant commitment

It meant reconnecting to make things right after a fight

It meant supporting someone because even when you hate them, you still love them

It goes beyond mere physical attraction, much deeper than that

It’s past all the butterflies, the yearnings and sweet nothings

It goes beyond flirtation, although it helps to keep that

Love is complicated, and I didn’t want to waste my texting on such an important topic with an AI

So I killed Sam

I murdered him with a cold digital blow to the delete button

After that, I felt much better

And found someone else to text next…

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