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How to Shape Your Business with On Demand App


Dmytro Dvurechenskyi from openGeeksLab

With the rapid development of technologies and intrusion of smart mobile segment, the market has drastically changed in favor of on demand app enhancement. Spheres primarily constituting people’s everyday life now suffer from devouring by mobile segment. Customers now need not only products of high quality, but fast and convenient service as well. Here on demand mobile applications arise representing a new increasingly developing field of smart mobile business.

Despite recent emergence, the use of it among customers has almost doubled in past few years. More and more people tend to transfer their daily routine onto a specially designed program that will do its best to satisfy its owner.

That is why if you are still doubting about making bets in your start-up, on demand app market is a worth branch to invest in.

In this article, openGeeksLab has provided essential tips for shaping your business with on demand app.

An on demand mobile app is usually viewed as a mediator between providers and customers. Its main function lies in simplifying the deal between two parties, making them both comfortable with their time and money. Such applications are also highly praised by suppliers and customers for being transparent, because of elaborated payment, tracking, feedback system.

Taxi booking and ridesharing are almost pioneers in gig economy. Fast and convenient ride is guaranteed by common interest of passengers and drivers who want to get maximum profit out of their time.

The world-known representative is Uber.

Transportation and logistics are probably most developed branches among other categories, as far as they include several different spheres. The most obvious one is on demand delivery app, which deals mainly with goods or food delivery. Then comes courier on demand app that is more particular and concerns private issues. And of course moving services like on demand shipping app or on demand trucking app.

The famous logistics programs are Uber Eats, TheLorry, etc.

Educational applications are useful while looking for a proficient tutor to improve your knowledge in a particular subject at any level (from basic to advanced).

Bright example is tUtor-App.

Another range of services concerns caregivers of older people and babysitters, who make family life comfortable and help to get rid of fear for your senior relatives or home-alone children.

The well-known representatives are Elderly Care, Daily Nanny.

Sometimes it is a real problem to find proper repair services of a plumber, carpenter, electrician or another maintenance or cleaning and laundry specialist. Thus an application that helps to find a plumber in a few taps may save lots of your nerves and time.

The widespread examples are TaskRabbit, Handy.

Booking is necessary for users who often buy plane/train/bus tickets or rent cars. Besides, rental and landing facilities are of great popularity in modern time, when mobility does not allow being stable with accommodation in particular place.

The common representative of this category is Big Pockets.

Healthcare services connect therapists to patients, who can find a medical specialist they need to get a consultation without making appointments or waiting in queues. A personal fitness trainer will help to choose individual workout exercises and build a suitable nutrition plan. Beauty applications connect all kind of experts who can create a beauty saloon right in your living room.

The best examples are Fitness On Demand, Doctor2Us, Stylisted.

The wide market of on demand work apps give an opportunity for employers to find qualified workers of any kind. On the other side, workers are no longer concerned with interviews and job haunting having their bosses inside smartphones.

The famous example is Fiverr.

With continually increasing work-life tempo, people have lost the opportunity to look for their partners in a traditional way. It is much easier just to take your phone to find true love through specific on demand messenger service. Not as romantic as singing serenades, but modern problems require modern solutions.

The brightest representative of on demand dating app is Tinder.

Such kind of programs should take care of the information being relevant and updating in on-line regime, thus ensuring customers that the desired functions are available anytime. Besides all the features listed should be time-bound and efficient.

Push notifications are vital to keep customers informed about their purchases. With this feature, they can obtain information about current status of their order, changes in services or sales.

While performing orders, communication (though vicarious) with a person providing it a way out in cases of emergency or in need for a proper online consultation about chosen products.

The access to camera enables user to take photos and videos to give a substantial feedback, to get additional info or options (e.g. QR-code scanning), or in cases of emergency.

One of core functions is ability to track the products traveling from one place to another until final point arriving. Here both GPS and checkpoints are very helpful.

Immediate in-built payment is a vital feature, because people can spend their money now without time-consuming transactions through third-party programs.

This option deals with UI/UX standards and handy interface design. Custom solutions allow buyers to make orders in relevant and intuitive way.

Good designed menu with convenient category and subcategory division plays the main part in structuring the application. So does the fast search and advanced filters, which take into account the slightest preferences of a client.

Making application smartwatch friendly is a good investment not only into smart-mobile market properly, but also it its rapidly developing new part. This feature allows users to make or check their purchases without phones that makes process even quicker.

Feedback function helps both sellers and buyers in improving their trading experience. Customers can easily judge about particular product if they see other people’s ratings and commentaries. Besides, suppliers can fix the problems with their products judging on reviews.

Activity record is important for those people who like having total control over their budget or tend to repeat some orders without making them regular.

Wishlist helps in choosing the products or deferring some orders to pay later. Multiple booking is handy while buying once a week or even once a month. Booking cancellation saves the situation when products were incorrectly chosen or are not necessary anymore.

The ability to chat with other customers is of no less importance than communication with vendors. This feature attracts more people as far as they can share and discuss their purchases with friends.

The Calendar function is also preferable, because users can trace their orders diachronically and plan their day according to in-built daily list.

One more tool of personalization, though dealing with personal data. With the help of profile settings buyers can adjust the service to their liking, e.g., add delivery address, manage preferences.

This function is of vital importance for content and order management. Suppliers can easily inform their customers, have quick access to accounting, provide a proper user support (answering the questions, receiving complains, etc.)

The modern market is wide-open to innovative on demand app solutions, which now are a prominent field of rapidly developing smart-world. Remember about your app being easy to use, ensuring seamless performance, flexibility, scalability, and go conquering your business hills.

We at openGeeksLab know how to breathe new life into your customer’s daily routine. Check out the Shift app created by our team as an on demand delivery app for the UK marketplace. Or the Nimbla app, which we developed as an on demand insurance app to protect SMEs from non-payment and bad debt write-offs.

Thus if you have nice on demand app ideas, hit the big time, and become welcomed with the unique on demand application. Just drop us a line!

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