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Alyx Confirmed as Valve’s Upcoming “Flagship” VR Game


Alyx Confirmed as Valve's Upcoming "Flagship" VR Game 1

Valve has confirmed that that rumored Half-Life: Alyx is indeed real. A full reveal is planned for Thursday.

Valve has been teasing its work on several full VR games for years, but beyond that we had only rumors to go on. Today the company confirmed on Twitter that its first “flagship VR game” is Half-Life: Alyx. A full reveal is planned this Thursday at 10AM PT.

Valve has previously stated that the game is set to ship this year, but it isn’t clear at this point whether or not they plan to stick to that date or push into 2020.

For several years now, Valve says its been working on not one, but three VR titles. Earlier this year the company confirmed that the first, which it described as a “flagship VR game,” would launch in 2019. However, the Half-Life: Alyx reveal is coming quite late in the year, and it’s rumored that Valve may choose to push the release back to March 2020. We expect to hear a specific release date when the game gets a full reveal on Thursday.

While Valve has surely created the game to take advantage of its own Index VR headset, the company has previously confirmed that Half-Life: Alyx will run on any SteamVR compatible headset, which also includes the likes of Rift, Vive, Cosmos, WMR, and Pimax.

We’ll have to wait for Thursday to get more details on what kind of game Half-Life: Alyx will be, though the name of the game certainly lends credence to the leaked evidence uncovered by Valve News Network.

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