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Best WhiteLabel Chatbot Platforms – Chatbots Life



The Chatbots Market was worth USD 1274.428 million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 7591.82 million by 2024 registering a CAGR of 34.75% over the period (2019–2024).

Chatbot Market in the world

As the above statistic highlights, there is a growing acceptance of Chatbot platforms by businesses across the world due to changing customer behavior. Customers across the world are spending more and more time online and browsing through websites, apps, and social media than ever. Access to technology and the internet is fueling the next level of growth for the companies who have a good online presence but it’s just not enough to have an internet presence. The businesses need to engage with the visitors 24/7 and swiftly & accurately answer the visitors’ queries. Hiring human resources to engage with visitors around the clock is an expensive burden on business finances.

So what you do if you want to engage your visitors 24/7 without losing a lead?

why chatbots

You deploy Chatbots!

According to 2017 worldwide Statista questioning, 34% of respondents declared they would prefer to answer the questions from AI by means of a chatbot or a virtual assistant in regards to e-commerce.

According to InsideSales and Harvard Business Review researches a five-minute delay can result in your chances to attract lead decimation. In ten minutes the delayed answer will reduce your chances to get the effective contact up to 400%.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based application software that can engage in a conversation (or a chat) with a visitor in their natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone. This can happen on a business website or app, or through platforms like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even voice assistants such as Alexa.

A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) based application software

Chatbots are being deployed by businesses to offer a seamless experience to the online visitors in the form of –

  1. Answering queries
  2. Guiding them to product/services
  3. Help in making a financial transaction
  4. Seamless live chat
  5. 24/7 customer service

Next Question for the Businesses are: How can they leverage Chatbots to build the brand and improve customer retention while decreasing customer acquisition?

The answer is Whitelabel Chatbot Platform– White Label program helps businesses to develop, resell and deploy chatbots as your own SaaS product on any platform you like. It helps you to build your brand plus engage the visitors around the clock. Leverage the power of chatbots, AI and conversational marketing to your customers without spending time on the development of Chatbots. You can introduce chatbot technology to your clients by adopting a good Whitelabel Chatbot platform. You can set-up your own Chatbot development company by getting into an agreement with chatbot development companies like IntelliTicks.

Set-Up the company in a matter of days and weeks by signing a Whitelabel agreement with Chatbot firms. Give your brand name to the Chatbot and you are good to go for engaging new customers.

We will help you in finding out the best Whitelabel Chatbot platforms:

Best WhiteLabel Chatbot Platforms:


No Coding involved

No coding required for Chatbot

Whitelabel Plan

Payment Option in Chatbot

Creating a chatbot is easy with over 100 plus templates available for different industries like Automobile, E-Commerce, SaaS, Education among others. Edit the template and add your own custom conversation flow to the chatbot. No coding required to create a chatbot on the IntelliTicks platform. UI is easy and helps the business owners in developing a chatbot that suits their needs and requirements.

Installing a chatbot is super easy by just adding a small code on the website pages for deploying them.


  1. Provide Hybrid Chat Platform — Both AI + Human fall back option
  2. Deeper API Integrations like Zapier, Facebook Messenger
  3. Rich Template Library
  4. Customizable UI
  5. API Webhooks
  6. Payment Gateway
  7. Has Menu-in-chat option
  8. FAQ
  9. No coding knowledge required at all for developing Chatbot
  10. Facebook Messenger & Website Chatbot with Mobile AppsHuman Fall-Back Option
  11. White Labelling
  12. Free Trial



  1. Easy to Use Builder
  2. Schedule Meetings
  3. Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365
  4. Export bot responses
  5. Comprehensive Bot Analytics
  6. Capture user details based on bot answers
  7. Natural Language Processing
  8. Live Takeover
  9. Realtime notifications
  10. App for IOS allows you to watch and takeover chats but no Android App
  11. Webhooks


Cool Features:

  1. Multilingual chatbot & supports over 20 Plus Languages
  2. Human takeover and LiveChat
  3. Multi-Platform Support
  4. 3rd party integrations
  5. Voice Chatbot
  6. Chatbot Templates
  7. FAQ Builder

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