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Oculus Link Beta Now Available, Official Cable Specs Here


Oculus’ tethered streaming solution brings the entire Rift content library to standalone headsets.

Beginning today, Oculus will be rolling out a beta version of its highly-anticipated Oculus Link software, which will allow those with VR-ready PC’s to access the entirety of the Rift/Rift S content library from their Oculus Quest headsets. 

Originally announced during the Oculus Connect 6 developer conference this past September, the feature works by connecting a Quest headset to a compatible PC via a high-quality USB 3 cable; at which point the user can then access the Oculus desktop app to purchase games and experiences and access them directly through their tethered Quest headset. 

“As the VR ecosystem grows, developers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging the full power of a gaming PC on Rift,” states Oculus in an official release. “And while Rift S offers the highest-fidelity gaming experience available, Oculus Quest is making it easier to get into VR than ever before. Oculus Link adds new depth and breadth to the experiences you can have with Quest while also helping PC developers reach the broadest possible audience for their work.”

Though the company will be offering its own 16+ ft. premium optical fiber USB 3 cable in limited quantities later this year for a rumored $80, they have stated that certain third-party cables will work with the software as well. In an effort to maximize their growing VR ecosystem, Oculus has made the specs for their official cable available to the public so that companies can begin working on their own solutions. 

Oculus Link Beta Now Available, Official Cable Specs Here 1
Image Credit: Oculus, Facebook

“We’re excited to improve the Oculus Quest experience and also give more people access to the amazing content that the Rift Platform has to offer, like Asgard’s Wrath and Stormland,” adds the company. “With more people to play with, multiplayer PC VR just got more social.”

Based on a conversation between Upload and a Facebook representative, it sounds as though Oculus Link will also be compatible SteamVR, allowing users to access an even larger catalog of PC VR software.

Oculus Link Beta Now Available, Official Cable Specs Here 2
Image Credit: Oculus, Facebook

“‘Yes,’ a Facebook representative told us over email,” states Upload. “‘When you tether your Quest to your PC with Oculus Link, you will be able to operate the headset the same way you do Rift.’”

Alongside Oculus Link, today’s update also includes improved search functionality as well as a feature for the Oculus Home that lets users alter their VR world. 

Feature Image Credit: Oculus, Facebook

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