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Are Chatbots a necessity for businesses in 2019?


Jitu Bhaskar

Chatbots are proving to be revolutionary for businesses to screen out users and assign them quickly to their relevant business niche.

It’s 2019 and the Chatbot technology is still said to be in the development phase, but it is, indeed thriving, when built correctly. Some business niches are big-time benefiting on operating costs, thanks to the Chatbot tech. Chatbots are the solution for increasing overhead cost to hire humans for basic interaction and troubleshooting. Chatbots allows users to describe their issues and give them an appropriate solution within a fraction of a second.

All of it is so cool, but there’s a problem. Many people have this plastic feeling when talking to chatbot support like there’s no emotional connect and gratitude whatsoever. This is, in fact, true, and for an emotion sensitive industry, the development of the chatbot tech is certainly under process and there is quite some time for it to be fully functional. Another thing which makes chatbots unusable at some places is how limited chatbot’s capabilities are, in the current scenario.

Too much already on why and why not, let’s discuss some real-world advantages and how far is the Chatbot development has made its progress and how it is benefiting top website development companies to gather in more clients for them.

Let’s talk about how far has Chatbots made their progress as being used as a real-world interactive. A lot of Chatbot development companies have been working on perfecting their chatbots to the place where a human can’t distinguish if it’s a chatbot they are talking to or a human. Companies aren’t thriving, but they are slowly and slowly pushing forward the AI for chatbots. A few of the top chatbot development companies have their chatbots ready to use for the market, and they can do a lot more than just say hi.

Most top chatbots can now create and initiate conversations and keep it real according to the actual context of the user. They are being used in many places, across business niches, and they are doing pretty well. The process involves learning and a lot more learning, that’s why it is still called a phase and not the end. We have Drift for lead landing pages and gathering customer information politely, we have Hipmunk for all travel-related stuff and many many more for every different niche. But the plastic feeling stays, no matter how we are looking at it.

Being a realist, the chatbot technology couldn’t get further until we have complete control over AI technology. The simple reason for this is how the best Chatbots are the smart ones, powered by AI at their core. Gone are the days of silly conversations and understanding limited capabilities of chatbots, or even using the set syntax for talking to them. The time is going to bring ultra-capable chatbots which will aid our lives to luxury and much less effort for daily chores.

Finally, here’s how Chatbots will highly benefit business, around the world and different niches.

The customer interaction isn’t limited to E-mails or native mobile apps, it’s being pushed onto apps like WhatsApp and Facebook chat. A Chatbot can essentially manage all your problems and won’t break a sweat. It can be used at all outsourced places, as they have now started to support explicit chatbots.

With the introduction of WhatsApp and Facebook business, they are all the more necessary to be equipped at all times, with exclusive customer support. With one Chatbot, you will be able to use it at as many places as you want, with small modifications. Every big tech company is providing full support to chatbots, if you get one developed by us, we will assure usability on top tech platforms.

Customers are always in a hurry, and that’s a fact. No matter how many people you employ for customer support and service, there are always going to be more than expected customers. To tackle this situation in full stretch, we create Chatbots for all customer interaction related problems. Essentially, even if you employ 100 employs for managing a 1000 customers, you will still benefit much more in a year’s run if you go for custom chatbot development.

The thing about chatbots is, till now they can’t replace human service agents. For the fact that the technology is still in the production phase, but you can still manage with 100 employees for the above example with a capable chatbot. Depending on your business niche, functionalities can be customized depending on the product or service you offer. The chatbot will automatically do things which otherwise a human has to do, in generic service models.

Chatbots are the number 1 tool for gathering information and data, be it CTAs or website visits, if you need data you should look forward to deploying chatbots. Data is the most essential thing in the world right now, when we say chatbots can collect data for you, we mean the data which is given by the customer and not stealing it.

On the counterpart, Chatbots can ask customers how they are doing and keep up a great conversation, finally asking the customer to fill the CTA. Everything about a visitor can be tracked with a Chatbot on your website, and Chatbots learn from the habits of the visitors. The longer you use Chatbots, the better it gets at understanding your business and the visitor’s requirements.

Since language constraints are virtually absent in Chatbots, the effort to find translators and native language speakers is cut down vigorously. We simply can’t compare human capabilities and AI capabilities, for the simple fact that we are in fact way less capable than machines which can process trillions of processes in a fraction of a second.

Once you get a Chatbot built from a chatbot development company, they will give you versions to deploy on different systems. All the platforms are now bent towards being Chatbot friendly, for the reason that everyone realizes it’s the tech to look forward to. The main development cost is to an extent that you get your product made, and then it’s a basic maintain ace and versioning cost.

The time is far, till we have full Artificial intelligence in the palm of our hands. But trust us, Chatbot is an industry which will only help further to advance AI to the next level and be an essential part of human and AI interaction. Chatbots are working capably enough, but not to the extent that they don’t feel plastic anymore. We believe if you are looking for a Chatbot for your business, now is the best time to get one, it’s only going to get better from here.

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