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Evercoin: Crypto Wallet Exchange App User Guide Review


evercoin review

Evercoin Wallet Guide: How the Crypto Exchange App Works

Evercoin is a cryptocurrency wallet and trading exchange app where you can swap cryptoassets safely and instantly without registering. Find out everything you need to know about the YubiKey-integrated, noncustodial, multicoin Evercoin crypto wallet with a built-in exchange today in our review.


  • Trade cryptocurrency immediately with no registration
  • Trade via mobile apps for iOS or Android
  • It’s more of an “exchanger” (like ShapeShift) than a traditional exchange
  • Now functions as a non-custodial mobile wallet (patent-pending)
  • Crypto wallet backup and recovery service to never lose private keys

Deposit Methods

  • 19 supported cryptocurrencies
  • USD bank transfers


  • No registration
  • Supports most major cryptocurrencies
  • Extremely easy trading interface
  • Evercoin shards your private key so backups are harder to recover


  • No fiat currency deposits or withdrawals
  • No desktop trading
  • High fees



Evercoin is a cryptocurrency exchange service that lets users trade between a range of cryptocurrencies without completing a registration process. You can install the app, then trade one of 19 different cryptocurrencies immediately. They have also just released the Evercoin 2 as a next-generation mobile hardware wallet (for both iOS and Android devices) claiming to be the first end-to-end ownership solution for cryptoassets that is the size of a house key.

Evercoin was founded in mid-2017 with the goal of giving users a platform where they could easily trade cryptocurrencies without a lengthy and complicated verification process. If you wanted to instantly trade coins without completing KYC/AML verification, then you could do that with Evercoin.

Of course, there are plenty of unregulated exchanges where you can trade cryptocurrency with no registration whatsoever. So what’s the difference with Evercoin? Is this just another unregulated exchange and wallet?

First, Evercoin does not accept fiat currencies for deposits or withdrawals. Instead, users can trade between 19 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, BCH, BSV, DASH, ETC, XMR, ZEC, BTG, DOGE, DCR, QTUM, BTT, DGB, and TRX.


Second, Evercoin isn’t an exchange. You’re not connecting to other traders. You’re not making or taking trades from the order book. Instead, like ShapeShift, you’re simply swapping cryptocurrencies with a company and paying a fee.


To make a trade with Evercoin, all you need to do is download the mobile app for iOS or Android. Without registering, you can start using Evercoin as soon as the app is installed.

Once you’re ready to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, you simply open the app. You’ll see two boxes. Select the crypto you want to deposit and the one you want to get in exchange, then enter the amount you want to deposit and trade. Then, you’ll provide two wallet addresses. One wallet is for the coins you’re buying. The other wallet is a refund address in case the transaction fails.

After entering everything, Evercoin will display the total amount of each side of the trade. The total amount includes the network fee and Evercoin’s own fee, which ranges from 0.5% to 0.8%. The fee is not based on the trading volume: it changes in real-time based on liquidity and other factors.

Confirm the transaction, then you have 10 minutes to deposit funds to the wallet address provided by Evercoin. Once the network confirms the receipt of the funds, the transaction will be executed. You’ll have your new coins in your wallet, and Evercoin will have your old coins.

Because network fees are changing constantly, users have ten minutes to deposit the cryptocurrency and make the trade. Beyond ten minutes, Evercoin will adjust network fees. Evercoin’s trading fees, as mentioned above, range from 0.5% to 0.8%.

Throughout the trading process, users never have to share their own funds except for the amount they’re transacting with Evercoin. Instead of depositing 10 BTC into the platform and only trading 5 BTC, for example, you only have to deposit 5 BTC.

Another nifty thing about Evercoin is that the app now integrates with YubiKey, a hardware device that gives you an extra layer of authentication. You can setup Evercoin to only allow trading when your YubiKey is connected to your device, for example.

Ultimately, Evercoin provides service similar to ShapeShift, but with added fees. However, ShapeShift makes money using the spread between buys and sells, while Evercoin does not. Plus, ShapeShift requires registration, while Evercoin does not.

Evercoin was founded by Talip Ozturk, who previously built a Java-based open-source in-memory data grid called Hazelcast. Ozturk created Evercoin in partnership with a small team in Silicon Valley. The Evercoin CEO had this to say recently:

“Evercoin users deserve peace of mind. We protect users from hackers with YubiKey hardware,” […] “But we also protect them from accidents when they have lost their phone, their YubiKey, or their password. Accidents do happen, and we want to ensure that funds are always safe and recoverable.”

Also, in addition to these statements regarding the security of the Evercoin crypto wallet and exchange app platform, the Evercoin Founder and chair Miko Matsumura added:

“[T]here’s a saying: ‘Your keys, your crypto.’ This means that if you don’t have the private cryptographic key, then someone else controls your Bitcoins,” […] “The problem is that people used to lose or mishandle these keys. What we’ve done is to partner with Yubico to turn their YubiKey into a hardware security device for storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

Further going on to expand upon how most crypto holders write their passwords down on paper, computers or USB devices (noting that 3 million bitcoin are estimated to be lost or stolen):

“So the biggest thing in Evercoin is we have a patent-pending way to back up a private key without the service provider (Evercoin) even having the key,” […] “This means you are safe from yourself (user error) but you are also safe from Evercoin ever going rogue and trying to steal your money.”

Evercoin received over $1 million in funding from Gumi Cryptos Capital, Roger Ver, Ross Mason, Marc Fleury, John Pigott, and Eman Pulis during development. The four-man team behind Evercoin is transparently listed on, including links to their LinkedIn profiles and other public social media profiles.


Evercoin started life as a simple exchange platform. The app now offers full wallet services, however, allowing you to store money directly within the app. It’s still non-custodial, which means Evercoin doesn’t control your private keys. However, you can link bank accounts, then transfer USD directly to and from your Evercoin wallet and into specific cryptocurrencies.

Update – November 2019: On November 12, 2019, Evercoin announced the launch of Evercoin 2 at the New York Consensus Invest Summit. Evercoin claims that its new wallet is the safest hardware wallet on the market, offering users an end-to-end encrypted ownership solution for cryptocurrency storage. The wallet is powered by YubiKey 5ci and connects directly to your phone.

Evercoin Wallet: Key Features


Aside from Evercoin using cryptographic APIs from the YubiKey to encrypt user’s private keys, making it harder to lose your keys.

Other Evercoin wallet key features include:

No Registration Required: Evercoin lets you trade cryptocurrencies with no registration required whatsoever. Just download the mobile app and you can start trading immediately.

Non-Custodial Crypto Trading: You never have to send more crypto to Evercoin than what’s being traded. It’s a non-custodial crypto exchange platform.

19 Cryptocurrencies: Evercoin currently supports 19 different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, BCH, BSV, DASH, ETC, XMR, ZEC, BTG, DOGE, DCR, QTUM, BTT, DGB, and TRX.

Built-in Silicon Valley: Evercoin was built in Silicon Valley by an experienced development team. It was also backed by notable investors like Gumi Cryptos Capital and Roger Ver, among others.

Transparent: Evercoin is fully transparent about its team, funding, and code. This level of transparency isn’t unusual for crypto apps and blockchains, but there are still plenty of exchanges that refuse any level of transparency.

Minimalistic, Easy-to-Use Interface: Evercoin is a well-designed mobile app that’s surprisingly minimalistic. There are two boxes on the main trading screen. Enter the destination address for the coin you are buying and a refund address (in case the transaction fails).

Biometric Protection: Evercoin uses on-device biometric authentication factors like fingerprint and face verification for added security. You can setup Evercoin to request identity verification before completing any trade.

No Withdrawal Limits: Because Evercoin is a non-custodial trading platform, there are no withdrawal limits. Evercoin never holds your money, so you never have to withdraw it.

No AML or KYC Required: Unlike regulated exchange platforms, Evercoin does not require users to complete AML or KYC verification, which means users can start trading without uploading identification, a selfie, or any of the other proof required by today’s exchanges.

No Desktop Trading: Evercoin has no desktop trading at all. All your interactions with the exchange take place over the iOS or Android app.

No Way to Buy Fiat Currency: Evercoin only supports buying and selling cryptocurrency. There’s no way to buy fiat currency through the platform.

Limited Options for Advanced Traders: Evercoin isn’t suitable for active traders or traders with more advanced order types. It’s not a traditional exchange and does not support more advanced or higher-frequency trades.

No Charts: Again, Evercoin is a straightforward crypto exchange app. It’s not an exchange. You can’t see charts showing recent bitcoin price movements.

Live Chat Customer Support: Live chat customer support is rare in the crypto exchange world. Evercoin, however, happily provides customer support through live chat. Even the world’s largest exchanges tend to use slow, email-based support systems, so this is a notable improvement.

evercoin wallet support

YubiKey Support: Evercoin recently added support for YubiKey. YubiKey is a hardware device that plugs into your phone, giving you a second layer of authentication. You can set up your phone to only allow certain actions when YubiKey is connected. You can block apps like Gmail, Dropbox, LastPass, Facebook, or Evercoin from being opened unless YubiKey is connected, for example.

Bank Account Link: Evercoin now supports bank account links for certain US Customers. You can link banks like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, US Bank, CapitalOne, and TD Bank to your Evercoin account, then transfer USD directly to and from your Evercoin wallet.

Evercoin 2 Wallet: Evercoin recently announced the launch of its Evercoin 2 hardware wallet. The wallet connects directly to your Android or iPhone. It’s about the size of a house key. Evercoin claims their wallet is the safest hardware wallet on the market, offering an end-to-end encrypted ownership solution for crypto storage.

Evercoin Currencies and Pairs

Evercoin supports 19 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, BCH, BSV, DASH, ETC, XMR, ZEC, BTG, DOGE, DCR, QTUM, BTT, DGB, and TRX.

Evercoin Supported Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Evercoin supports trades in all of the 19 supported cryptocurrencies listed above. However, since Evercoin is a non-custodial exchange, Evercoin does not technically have deposits or withdrawals.

If using Evercoin as a mobile wallet, however, then you can transfer USD from all of the following banks: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, USBank, CapitalOne, PNC, USAA, TD Bank, SunTrust, Regions, and Navy Federal.

Evercoin Registration and Login Process

Evercoin is one of the few trading apps or exchanges that requires no registration whatsoever. It’s a simple exchange service you can use with no registration or verification required.

Evercoin Trading

Evercoin’s trading process is dead easy. Open the app. You’ll see two windows. Select the cryptocurrency you’re buying and the cryptocurrency you’re selling. Then, enter two wallet addresses: one to receive your new coins, and another as a refund address if the transaction fails for any reason. Finally, view the total amount of coins you need to send (which includes Evercoin’s own fee and network fees), then transfer the funds to Evercoin’s displayed wallet within 10 minutes. As soon as Evercoin receives your coins, Evercoin will release your purchased coins to you.

Evercoin Fees

Evercoin charges trading fees ranging from 0.5% to 0.8%. Evercoin transparently discloses all fees to both parties in the trade. Evercoin will show the cumulative amount the users are to receive at the final step of setting up a transaction, for example. This amount includes the network fee and the Evercoin trading fee of 0.5% to 0.8%.

Evercoin Security Issues and Downtime

Evercoin launched in 2017 and has had no major security breaches, hacks, data losses, or downtime, as far as the public knows.

Evercoin Ease of Use

Evercoin isn’t designed for beginner cryptocurrency users. First, to use Evercoin, you need to already own cryptocurrency (Evercoin does not accept fiat deposits or withdrawals). Second, you also need to have two existing wallets – one for the currency you’re trying to sell and another for the one you’re trying to buy. However, if you have basic familiarity with cryptocurrency and how it works, then you should have no trouble using the Evercoin app.

Evercoin Trust and Privacy

One of the best parts about Evercoin is that users never have to share their own funds except for the amount they’re transacting with Evercoin. You don’t have to trust any coins beyond the transacted amount.

Evercoin Customer Service

Evercoin has a live chat option, which is better than the email support option offered by most exchanges. Evercoin also has official Facebook and Twitter accounts where they accept questions and customer service issues.

Evercoin User Guide: How to Setup and Use Evercoin

1. Sign Up

Download the Evercoin Exchange app for iOS or Android directly from the app store.


2. Start Trading

That’s right: you can start trading with Evercoin immediately after signup.

evercoin crypto trading

Enter the cryptocurrency you want to send in the top box and the cryptocurrency you want to sell in the bottom box.

evercoin crypto exchange

Then, enter the amount you wish to send and the amount you wish to receive. You can set a specific limit (with a limit order) or choose the market rate.

Evercoin will display the exchange rate at the bottom of the trading box. This exchange rate includes Evercoin’s fee of 0.5% to 0.8%.

Once you’re satisfied with the trade, click ‘Exchange’ to swap the two cryptocurrencies.

3. Complete the Trade

Evercoin will display a receiving wallet address. You’ll need to send funds to this wallet address within 10 minutes for your trade to be completed.

As soon as Evercoin receives the funds to that wallet address, Evercoin will release your purchased coins to you.

evercoin crypto swaps

4. Two Factor Authentication

You can set up two-factor authentication via Evercoin. The best way to set up 2FA is through your phone’s existing biometric verification systems. You can set up fingerprint and face verification, for example.

evercoin crypto security

You can also set up a 12-word recovery phrase or add a reset email and password to Evercoin.

For extra security, you can also link the YubiKey physical hardware device to Evercoin. You can setup Evercoin so that trades are only processed when YubiKey is connected to your phone.

Final Word

As the smart custody era of crypto adoption picks up, the Evercoin mobile wallet app and crypto exchange seems like a viable option emerging in the ‘money as software’ ecosystem in comparison to Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey (or Ballet, Bitski etc).

Ultimately, Evercoin is similar to ShapeShift but with added trading fees of 0.5% to 0.8%. You pay these trading fees for the convenience of not having to register for the exchange. Evercoin, which has been touted as a beautifully-designed consumer user experience app meant to avoid 2FA attacks, online identity theft and phishing attacks, is available as a free download for iOS or Android.

Whether or not the mobile-first Evercoin crypto wallet with a built-in exchange is right for you depends on your needs and wants for self custody (having full control of your private key), secure key recovery (no single point of failure and biometric authentication factors like fingerprint ID or face ID), a smartphone app that enables instant exchange (with no non-custodial limit orders).

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