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Check Out The First Screenshots Of Half-Life: Alyx


Today’s the day; Valve just introduced Half-Life: Alyx to the world for the first time. Want to see the first screenshots of the game? We’ve got them right here.

As Valve confirmed today, Half-Life: Alyx is set between the events of Half-Life 1 and 2. You’ll play as Alyx Vance, best known for her role as Gordon Freeman’s companion in Half-Life 2 and its subsequent expansion episodes. Set during Freeman’s disappearance, Alyx fights alongside her father, Eli, to establish a resistance against the mysterious Combine alien race.

Half-Life: Alyx Screenshots Gallery

The first screenshots for the game reveal some key points. Firstly, we know Alyx will be fighting the same Combine troops first seen in Half-Life 2. Not only that but it looks like we’ll be going back to City 17; one image shows what looks like the construction of the Citadel that Gordon and Alyx will one day infiltrate.

The most revealing screenshot is of the gizmos fitted to Alyx’s hands. We’d heard that Half-Life: Alyx would feature some sort of ‘Gravity Gloves’, riffing on the iconic gun from the second game in the series. This looks like those gloves, meaning we might be able to summon items from afar and fire them back at enemies, among other things.

There’s some other things of note. In one image, Alyx is holding what looks like a remote trigger or some sort. Another shows what look like the streets of City 17 and there’s a pretty gruesome look inside some sewers, too. Lots to piece together, then, which we’re sure we’ll all be doing as we wait for the game’s March 2020 release date. Half-Life: Alyx will support all SteamVR-compatible headsets, though it will come free for Valve Index owners and the Index controllers will have some exclusive features.

What do you think of the Half-Life: Alyx screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

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