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Waltz Of The Wizard Set For Quest, Dev Keen On Hand-Tracking Support


It’s been a busy few months for Waltz Of The Wizard, a compelling VR experience from Aldin Dynamics. But soon the game will come to a much-requested platform; Oculus Quest.

The game will arrive on the standalone VR headset on December 5 2019. It’s another launch in a busy release season for Quest, which includes upcoming games like The Climb.

Waltz of the Wizard started life as a sort of tech demo for PC-based VR headsets. The game casts you as a wizard in a highly interactive space, allowing you to cast spells, play with potions and much more. Earlier this year, Aldin significantly updated the game with a raft of new features, many of which supported Valve’s Index controllers and headset. It named this version of the game, Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition.

Since then this edition of Waltz arrived on PSVR. It’s also the very same version that will be touching down on Oculus Quest. Check out the trailer below.

“The team has worked super hard to ensure Waltz runs flawlessly on Quest with all of its highly interactive world!” the developer wrote in an announcement blog. “Everything you love from the PC experience you’ll find in Waltz of the Wizard on Oculus Quest… And there may even be some new things brewing in the cauldron for near future updates.”

We can’t help but notice the game would be a great fit for the experimental hand-tracking support Oculus is adding to Quest next year, though. In fact, we asked the developer if it would consider implementing the system. “Yes! Motion controllers have massive benefits today but they take some getting used to and there are cases where completely natural input is better suited,” the studio’s Hrafn Thorisson told me. “For Waltz of the Wizard it’d open doors for new types of magic and make it an even better showcase of what VR is all about for people that haven’t tried VR or don’t feel comfortable with button-based controllers.”

Will you be playing Waltz of the Wizard on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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