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Half-Life VR Announced, Oculus Link Released And Win Espire!


Well, that was a week. As if November wasn’t busy enough for VR already, two of the biggest headlines of the year also came in by surprise. Let’s cover those and more in the VRecap, shall we?

First up, we’re talking about Half-Life: Alyx. 12 years on from Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Valve is finally returning to its storied franchise with a VR exclusive adventure. We’ll be playing as Alyx Vance before the events of Half-Life 2, fighting off headcrabs and using a pair of grabity glove (yes, that’s their name, we think). Needless to say we’re very excited, but watch the video for the incredible footage.

Also new this week is Oculus Link. Facebook’s plan to get your Quest headset running Rift content is in full swing with the launch of the beta. We’ve tried it and it works amazingly well. We’ll be really looking forward to diving into, well, Half-Life: Alyx with our Quests next year.

Moving on, we’re back to Boneworks. Will the game have multiplayer? Does the developer even want it? Watch the recap to find out.

Oh and there’s a bit more news on the PS5. Another patent has surfaced, this time showing what seems to be the DualShock 5. What nuggets of info can we glean from the designs shown in the documents?

Release-wise it’s another big one, with the long-awaited return of Espire 1 and the completion of the Vader Immortal trilogy among other things. Speaking of Espire, that’s our giveaway for the week so make sure to check it out!

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Espire 1: VR Operative On Steam!

Okay, we’re in dire need of a little rest. Next week will be just as busy; we’ve got our Holiday VR Showcase on the way! Tune in for some great looks at upcoming projects.

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