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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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CHATBOTS, A pile of clean money sitting to be grabbed.


Sumit Raj

A recent study released by New York based GLOBE NEWSWIRE estimated that chatbots market will reach more than $10 billion/year by 2026.

Do you still rely on ?

I should say, sad. If your answer is yes. Just relying on a support email and combing through the email everytime and replying the same template response sucks. If not for you, for me as a customer is does.

Don’t you get frustrated when you make all the effort to:

  1. Open your mailbox

and wait for 3–5 business working days to get a reply of a simple question? Are you kidding me? I’ll be happily repharing my text to get that answer instantly by a bot.

Organizations are often either solving a social or a business problem end up to a point where they need money to grow and survive, be it small or big.

Most of the consumer facing products run on a good support by Customer Support Teams. One bad mood or one misinformation by an employee can frustrate your customer and might result into a social media outcast and boom you lose 10 other customer because of that negative review.

And believe me, this is nothing. Don’t count on my words. Read here:

Bigger organization and SME are quickly getting to know this need and moving to chatbots to automate customer interaction.

Few reasons:

  • No waiting time

On an average US companies pay $50,000/year to an entry level Customer Service Representative. Just 100 of representatives and you’re paying $5 million/year where as a better experience, a productive work flow, a better support will nearly cost lesser than one-tenth of what you’re already paying.

It’s high time to take help of technology and make life easier for your customers and money for you.

Happy to connect with you guys and know your thoughts around it.

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