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The Facebook Messenger Rules Change in 2020. Here’s How Your Business Can Stay Compliant


Angela Allan

Have the Facebook Messenger rule changes got you feeling like…

Don’t worry. I got you. 😉

Look, compliance is sexy.

ooh la la!

Let me break it down for you…

From January 15th, 2020, the Facebook Messenger rules are changing. Here’s how you can start making changes to your Facebook Messenger campaigns, and how ManyChat is helping you stay compliant.

From January 15th, we will be reduced to 4 message tags (currently we have 17) in Facebook Messenger. Only 3 of which we will have access to.

These tags are:

Here are the message tags on Facebook’s website but I’ve done a quick overview of each of them below.

Tag #1 — Confirmed Event Reminder

✅Upcoming event or appointment that user has RSVPd for. Reminder or confirmation of an appointment.

✅3 part series mastermind is covered by this tag, but random weekly Facebook Lives are not. For example, people have purchased a course, and the Facebook Live is part of the course, you can use the Confirmed Event Reminder tag, but no replay message is allowed.

❌You can’t send a replay message for videos or Facebook Lives, though.

👉24 hour rule still allows you to send replay link/review/testimonial within 24 hours and provided they interacted with the last message (the confirmation message).

Tag #2 — Post-Purchase Update

✅ Confirmation of transaction, such as invoices or receipts

✅Notifications of shipment status, such as product in-transit, shipped, delivered, or delayed

✅ Changes related to an order that the user placed, such credit card has declined, backorder items, or other order updates that require user action

❌No promotional content

No cross sells or upsells

❌No polls or reviews

👉The 24 hour rule applies here as well, as long as they interact with the first message.

Tag #3 — Account Update

✅A change in application status (e.g., credit card, job)

✅Notification of suspicious activity, such as fraud alerts

❌No promotional content

❌No discounts, coupons etc

❌No recurring content

❌No surveys, polls or reviews

Tag #4 — Human Agent (closed beta)

👉 No one has access to this yet ﹘ not even ManyChat. This is a Facebook-only beta.

❌No automated messages

❌No content unrelated to user’s inquiry

Within 24 hours of a user interacting with your bot, as in typing a question, entering your bot through a growth tool or Facebook Messenger ad, or tapping a button or quick reply, you can send anything to them as long as it’s non-promotional.

It doesn’t matter what you send, if it doesn’t meet the tags or fall under the 24 hour rule, you can’t send it.

And if your page currently has subscription messaging permissions, this will also end on January 15th, 2020, and only Facebook-approved news outlets will have access to this feature.

Buh bye to subscription messaging. It was nice knowing ya.

Free content, like blogs, videos, trainings etc, also fall under the 24-hour rule, so you will have to pay to play. Within the 24 hours of a user interacting, you can send them content or a blog post, or whatever it may be, but after the 24 hours, you will have to pay to play.

There is an exception though…Competition winner announcements are OK, as Confirmed Event Reminder tag. You can announce the winner in a Facebook Live, and use theConfirmed Event Reminder tag. 🎉

But, birthday campaigns will be affected for the month of the subscribers’ birthday, but you can send a Sponsored Message or ad targeting your ManyChat subscribers.

This change also means no more daily, weekly, monthly flows or sequences are allowed. (Yes, even if the user has opted in and acknowledged it will be one tip per day or whatever it is.)

However, if you sell a digital product, and you offer a 4-week Facebook Live series as part of that, and that people have confirmed for this event, you can use the Confirmed Event Reminder tag.

All broadcasts and sequences will fall under the 3 tags, the 24 hour rule, or pay to play.

ManyChat now has the 3 tags included in flows and message blocks, and delivery of any message outside of the 3 tags will be blocked by ManyChat to keep you compliant. (Put simply, if it has no tag, and doesn’t fall under the tags, ManyChat will stop the message from sending.)

You will have to tag all messages in a sequence under one of the 3 tags or keep them within 24 hours. (You won’t need a tag for the first message of a sequence as that’s the one that will trigger immediately within the 24-hour window.)

If you’re sending outside of the 24-hour window, add some conditions to send and email or SMS or trigger a Zap to send an email individually, and direct your subscribers back to your chatbot. This will restart the 24-hour window. (By law, you must ask permissions for email and SMS.)

Always ask for your subscribers’ email address within the bot. Facebook has no dibs on your email list ﹘ it will be a list that you own.

Remember, Facebook Messenger is used for top of funnel to build your community. Use it for the growth of your community ﹘ not a push to sell things.

Send me your question via my Facebook Messenger chatbot here. I’d love to help you!

I can definitely help you with that! Take a moment to answer 3 simple questions via my chatbot here to see if we’re a good fit. 🤖

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