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Zombie Shooter ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Coming to Quest Next Week


Zombie Shooter 'Arizona Sunshine' Coming to Quest Next Week 1

Arizona Sunshine (2016), one of VR’s early acclaimed titles, launched nearly three years ago on PC VR headsets, bringing with it VR gunplay and zombie-killing like few had ever experienced in the new medium. Arizona Sunshine is finally coming to Oculus Quest, and you’ll only have to wait about a week more.

Update (November 25th, 2019): Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive today announced that Arizona Sunshine is set to arrive on Oculus Quest on December 5th, 2019. And if your hopes were up for cross-platform multiplayer, unfortunately the Quest version doesn’t support it, with Vertigo citing the reason that it was re-built from the ground-up for Quest.

Arizona Sunshine is now available for pre-order in the Oculus Store with a pre-order discount of 10% running up to December 2nd. DLC is said to arrive on Quest in the following months; a timeline and details will be announced shortly.

Check out the new screenshots below:

Original Article (June 10th, 2019): Arizona Sunshine is a co-op VR zombie shooter which launched at the end of 2016, not long after the first wave of consumer VR headsets hit the market. Despite its age, the game has remained a frequent community recommendation for those looking for some zombie shooting and co-up fun in VR.

Since launch, the game was brought to PSVR and adapted for VR arcades. And soon Oculus Quest owners will get to jump into Arizona Sunshine too. Vertigo Games says the release date for Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest will come some time in 2019, but has yet to confirm a specific date.

From information the studio has provided so far, it sounds like both Campaign mode and Horde mode on Quest will offer co-op with 2 and 4 players, respectively, just like other versions of the game. That said, we don’t yet know if Arizona Sunshine will support cross-play with any of the other versions, or cross-buy on Oculus.

Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest will also get ‘The Damned’ DLC when the game comes to the headset later in the year, but it’ll come first to PC headsets and PSVR on August 27th. Today the studio release the first gameplay footage of ‘The Damned’:

Set before the story of the main game, ‘The Damned’ brings a new mission to Arizona Sunshine which Vertigo Games says is the game’s largest yet. Players will infiltrate a zombie infested hydroelectric dam (see what they did there?) to return power to a missile defense system. The price of the DLC has yet to be announced.

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