Why Chatbots Are Better Than Email


And it’s not because email is dead. Not yet.

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Over the past few (nowadays, maybe more like five) years, the chatbot phenomenon really increased in popularity. Not because chatbots were new, but because the places you could implement them were.

Places like Facebook Messenger suddenly became very popular places for businesses to generate leads. Marketers saw ~95% open rates on their messages, making them temporarily leave their email marketing activities behind.

But here’s the thing; chatbots aren’t a better long-term marketing channel than email. They do, however, provide a much-improved, less frictional user experience.

So instead of arguing whether we should use chatbots or email, we should try looking at how we can utilize both and achieve greater growth for our businesses.

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The reason why chatbots work so great is that they’re open built on top of platforms that live and breathe due to their excellent user interface.

So how can you leverage that and still make sure you can reach your leads, even after companies like Facebook makes you pay to send them messages?

Because users provide their email addresses to Facebook, asking them for it in a chatbot is really easy and is provided as a great user experience too.

That way, you can send their information to your CRM or email platform and make sure you have your own copy of the data, as well as their marketing consent.

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