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Secure Your Chatbot Integration With These 6 Proven Measures


Ashok Sharma

Chatbots are being used in almost every industry from banking, retail, fintech, travel, eCommerce i.e. in every industry which deals with all the crucial data such as debit and credit card data, bank account details, SSN, and other sensitive personal identification information.

It is also been survey that more than 90% of the bank related queries will be automated by the year 2022. And 80% of them will have chatbot implementation integrated in their systems by 2020.

The dealing of sensitive data via a chatbot is a big security risk for every business. This is why it’s important that chatbot are secured as they can be easily exploited by hackers.

90% of the companies are already using AI-powered technologies, such as chatbots to increase their customer experience, and hence their revenue.

But there are two major challenges that the chatbots are facing.

The first one is Vulnerabilities. It is a state where a system is compromised and cannot be identified and corrected on time. The vulnerabilities occur because of poor coding, human errors, and lax security. The most effective way to solve the issue is by implementing SDL activities while developing and deploying the Chatbot. And the second major challenge is Threats. They are defined as ways through which a system is compromised or negotiated. These ways include tampering, spoofing, repudiation, information disclosure, denial of service, elevation of privileges, and many other threats.

Every user is giving out important information during conversation with chatbots, and this data is prone to data breaches making the technology more scarier. But, the bots can be made secure. There are a lot of methods that can help protect the user information from hackers, in order to make the conversation secure for your customers and your own business.

Chatbots are like any other technology product, they are as secure as you make them. Such as a good VPN is as important while browsing through major websites. Today, some big websites and apps are failing due to security issues as the users are making use of VPNs that are not reliable and fail tremendously. That is why it is recommended that users use VPNs for like Netflix and Amazon Prime that provides a mix of speed and security to get non-stop surfing

Talking about Chatbots, as the technology is still evolving they act as an open door for the hackers. If an organization is willing to invest in its security then they are safe for the business and their customers, otherwise a lot of breaches can take place.

Some important measures to safeguard Chatbots are –

Prevent unauthorized access, devices, users, services, apps, or websites from having access to your network information. Basically, there is a need to setup a network that transfers data from point A to point B without any interception. This prevents unwanted individuals to access, read, alter, or delete the information.

Establishing HTTPS product builds integrity and privacy of the website. The privacy protocol sends the encrypted data established by SSL or TSL. This plays a critical role in chatbot security as it protects the data from getting corrupted.

The protocol uses encryption and crypto methods to secure the data. And the data can only be decrypted with a specific algorithm.

Authentication is done when you verify the users accessing any kind of information on the network. This is very important for the chatbots integrated in the banking sector.

Every time a user accesses a data authentication tokens are generated to verify its authority. When the entire verification process is completed then only the user can access the data.

Chatbot system security is still going to be a major issue if the human-error challenge is not addressed properly. And this will require a lot of knowledgeable information in terms of chatbot security.

Customers and Employees both are the weak points who are likely to make mistakes. To solve this problem, your chatbot development strategy should include security taps in the system to avoid this problem. And your employees can be trained to use the security measures optimally.

While customers cannot be trained like your employees, they can be provided with a road map to offer a system security. This can be accomplished by crafting informative content posted online to inform them of the right way to interact with your Chatbots.

Effective storage and retrieval of data is another critical issue that data security deals with.

Supposingly, if a chatbot deals with online payment or any kind of financial data that the client provides. Some ways to provide database security is — Biometric authentication, session timeouts, secure login credentials, behavior analytics, and some more authentication ways.

  • Self-destructive messages

Whenever personal identifiable information is passed on via a chatbot conversation, it becomes prone to theft. This information must be such that it gets self deleted after specific time. This data can be financial, medical, educational, and employment information.

This measure is extremely important when it comes to chatbots used in banking, especially because 43% of users prefer this way of resolving issues with banking providers.

Chatbots when designed in a secure way can do wonders for your business and your customers. So, to employ basic security principles can address a lot of privacy and unauthorization issues. These can include access management, authorization, HTTPS protocol, secure database management, and complying the GDPR principles.

To Summarize

Chatbots are a new frontier for enterprises, but IT organizations and the enterprises that employ them are most vulnerable when they are exploring such new frontiers.

Multi-layer security and robustness is a critical aspect that every chatbot must have. A Chatbot security allows businesses to securely deliver their services.

By slowing down and getting the right security, integration and vendor partnerships in place, enterprises can be much more successful with their critically important initial pilots in applying chatbot technology to enterprise challenges and to integrating chatbots with existing corporate messaging platforms.

If the security measures are taken properly, a chatbot can be created to be a safe application that can tremendously improve customer experience. As a result, allowing organizations to automate most of their processes, handling huge bulks of customer inquiries, and offering opportunities for cost cutting.

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