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Use cases of Travel Chatbots



Travel Industry is notching up impressive growth thanks to the consumer’s penchant for traveling to new and unexplored places. Acquiring new customers while retaining the old ones is an arduous task for travel firms across the world who are dealing with evolving consumer behavior. The consumer is spending far more time on digital mediums such as websites, Social Media Channels. To increase revenues and notch new clients, businesses needs to tap the digital mediums and engage the prospects. Leveraging the tech is pretty much important for the travel firms to attract the customers who are digital-friendly and seek a seamless travel booking experience.

Chatbots helping travel firms acquire customers

Travel Firms are welcoming Chatbots to engage better with online visitors and turn prospects into leads. Chatbots are online 24/7 and can engage in personalized conversations with customers in their language. Visitors come on the website around the clock and hiring human resources to handle their queries and requests is an expensive task. Training and deploying human agents would be a time-consuming task for travel firms. Travel firms can train the chatbots to deal with regular consumer queries swiftly without any need for human help. Chatbots can handle multiple consumers at one time and answer repeated customer queries while transferring complex queries to human agents.

So, now travel companies won’t lose a single lead as the website chatbots will engage the visitors and offer them help in booking tickets, planning holidays.

Selling travel-related services to customers can be hard if you can’t engage with online visitors. Early-stage of the internet boom, we observed that marketing was dominated by SEO and SEM. Then came the rise of social networks and social ads for catching the user’s attention. With the advent of the smartphone and cheap internet, user behavior is transcending across different mediums such as desktop, mobile, apps, pads among others. Users are now downloading fewer apps and using social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter to chat and buy products and services.

To engage better, the firms are now deploying chatbots to boost user engagement, convert a higher percentage of web traffic, and become a focal point of lead generation. Any firm will appreciate the chance to engage Facebook’s 2.2 billion users, with a wide variety of options and acquire new customers.

Lead Generation Chatbot

Chatbots will converse easily with the customers and help them in buying the products and services available.

Lead generating chatbots will automate the sales process and drive growth 24/7 especially when you’re offline and customers are visiting the websites at odd times.

2. Booking Flight Tickets/Hotels/Holiday Packages

The online travel booking industry is racking good numbers and it’s all due to evolving consumer behavior. Global Online Travel Booking Market Will Reach $ 1,955 Billion By 2026. New technological advancements like mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are constantly updating on a regular basis and it makes sense for the Travel Industry to assimilate in its business and structure.
Customers can ask chatbots for help in finding flights and booking them while helping them to do the payment itself.

Chatbots for booking tickets

Hiring human agents to answer repeated customer queries is an expensive affair to be precise. Hiring resources and paying them wages to be available around the clock to answer basic questions is a waste of resources when they can be deployed elsewhere. Chatbots can be available 24/7 and answer the basic questions with the utmost ease without problems. Chatbots will be trained on the basis of customer frequent questions and answer them swiftly. In the case of complex queries, chatbots will transfer the control to human agents. Now, firms need to hire human agents only for complex questions thus saving you a lot of money.

Chatbots for customer inquiry

Chatbots can help the travel firms offer customers better user experience and assistance not quite different from an interaction between a salesman and a customer. The Chatbots can help the customer make the web-check without much effort while can make a payment for upgrading the seat also. Chatbots offers the payment link for the customer to do the payment and proceed to the web-check in immediately. Seamless user experience will go a long way in helping customers enjoy a fluid travel journey without hassles.

Web-Check In Chatbot

Engage the customers around the clock with personalized conversations and drive forward your brand growth. Reduce your wages of hiring resources by deploying chatbots who will be available 24/7 and answer customer questions easily and swiftly. Helps the user do payments while helping them in rescheduling flight or canceling them, the chatbot would become the virtual assistant to the online customers.

Chatbots for 24/7 customer assistance

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