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Opportunistic Trader by Larry Benedict: The FoolProof 50



Opportunistic Trader by Larry Benedict, a Market Wizard™, will reveal “The FoolProof 50” on December 11, 2019 during his free live broadcast event which is being hailed as America’s first-ever Trade-a-Thon.

The billion dollar hedge fund manager‘s Opportunistic Trader will be hosted by Fernando Cruz at 8PM EST.

Here’s a quick review of Larry Benedict’s Opportunistic Trader for those who are interested in watching:

  • Name: Opportunistic Trader
  • Creator: Larry Benedict  (Nickname: Market Wizard)
  • Date: December 11, 2019 at 8PM EST
  • Tagline: “The Foolproof 50”
  • Host: Fernando Cruz
  • Description: here’s the secret to generating $274 million in pure profit, and how to use it yourself
  • Goal: help users generate over $208,000 in the next year, or 12 months
  • Charity: Boca Helping Hands (America’s first-ever Trade-a-Thon proceeds to be donated)
  • Reserve Spot: click here to sign up for free

Let’s cover what we know so far about the new trading opportunity by a ‘Hedge Fund Market Wizard’.

What is Opportunistic Trader?

The Opportunistic Trader is Larry Benedict’s newest program he is bringing to the market after creating $274 million in pure profit through his hedge fund Banyan Capital (which had roughly $1 Billion AUM). 

As mentioned, Larry Benedict’s unique trading opportunity event is a live broadcast set to happen on December 11, 2019 where the Market Wizard™ will reveal “The FoolProof 50” as a free gift for all attendees.

As part of the spectacle hosted by Cruz and Larry Benedict himself, all of those who sign up will get to witness his trading demonstration and be able to setup their own trading opportunity the very next morning. 

Who is Larry Benedict, The Market Wizard?

Larry ‘the Market Wizard’ Benedict has over 30 years of investment history to his name and as a former hedge fund manager with a track record claiming to be one of the best-known traders in the world for never posting a losing year from 1990 to 2010 (which is apparently audited by a third party firm in San Francisco).

As a frequent market commentary contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Fox Business and CNBC, Larry, who is known for not having a ‘gambler’s mentality’, saw a unique opportunity to bring his trading knowledge and skillset to everyday investors and compiled the Opportunistic Trader series. Ironically, his most profitable year was in 2008 during the financial crisis where he netted $95 million in profits.

Larry Benedict is one of the top 50 profiled money managers and traders in the world by Jack Schwager and his famous Market Wizards book. 

Click here to check out Larry’s Opportunistic Trader and get signed up as it is free to watch and learn.

Review of Larry Benedict’s Opportunistic Trader

The stock market is filled with different products that allow consumers to invest where they think companies will increase their profits. However, the average or beginner investor might need a little direction, and Larry Benedict may have the key. Recently, Benedict explained that there’s a new opportunity for investors to get involved, which will be made available on December 11th at 8PM Eastern.

This program already has many partners; including Casey Research, Boca Helping Hands, and Palm Beach Research Group, among others. With this method, consumers may be able to make $208,000 or more through the next 12 months, but investors won’t need to purchase of stocks or options. On the launch date, Benedict will be allowing consumers to watch a live trade of his own, based out of his mansion in South Florida.

The video will allow consumers to see how Benedict will handle his personal accounts, which he alleges will cover the majority of the investor’s retirement fund, even with no prior trading experience. Benedict will also show a “loophole” that much of the public doesn’t know about yet. However, it will allow him to take out about $70,000 in under an hour.

Even if the results show nothing, the entire transaction will be aired, though the Opportunistic Trader that is hosting the event doesn’t believe that Benedict will lose. As consumers sign up, they’ll learn:

  • The actions that Benedict took to bring in $95 million during 2008
  • The day of the week that can bring in the most profit for investors
  • The mistakes that 90% of traders make that costs them tons of money in the long run
  • The results of the experiment involving Benedict’s trading activity and $25,000 from Opportunistic Trader

From 2004 to 2012, Benedict and his firm made many positive trades, bringing in over $274 million for the company and the clients. The amount has been verified by an independent auditor in San Francisco. Many consumers have used this performance to make their own money with Benedict, including the Canadian government, a family in New York that is now worth millions, and even a crown prince in a nation known for its oil.

Consumers can sign up online by entering their email address, creating a free account and reserving their spot. The event is entirely free but making a reservation will secure a place before spots run out. Any of the funds that Benedict makes off of the trade will go towards a local charity called Boca Helping Hands.

As time goes on, we will continue to update our review of the Opportunistic Trader as more details become available from the legendary, professional trader Larry Benedict. It will be worthwhile for all traders (cryptocurrencies or not) to watch and learn as there are three main pitfalls the Market Wizard will be covering on which to avoid as well as his best kept secrets to gain an edge you won’t find anywhere else.

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