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Empowers Businesses to Answer Customer’s Needs & Issues Effectively


Manoj Rupareliya

In this digital world, most of the customers like to make a purchase online. And before making a purchase from any of the brands for satisfying their shopping need they visit their website and collect all the information related to their product or service. As more and more customers visit the website it becomes necessary for businesses to serve them in the best possible way. As per a recent report, it was found that approximately 80% of business entrepreneurs will prefer to use chatbots by 2020 to enhance their customer experience.

In most of industries, chat growth has jumped and has reached 150% and expected to grow more in the nearby future. This is one of the primary reasons for the increasing adaptation of chatbot technology. More than half (that is 53%) of all customers prefer to use online chat instead of calling and waiting for the response, they want to get their answers quickly in real-time. Whereas 62% of customers expect to have a live chat option on mobile devices and approximately 82% of people responded that they would love to use this option through their smartphones. (Source)

AI-powered chatbots are advanced messaging software that smartly interact with customers via a live chat interface. It provides the needed information to the website visitors and also solves their various issues in real-time. Basic chatbots simple use if/then statements and also recognize phrases and answers customers’ queries accordingly. (Source)

A chatbot is the best example of automation, it uses AI technology to improve its ability and also to understand what has actually been asked by the customers so that it can answer them accurately. Big business giants like National Geographic and Starbucks are using chatbots to boost their business sales and solve customer’s queries and provide them all the i

nformation related to their business brand and service.

Basically programmed chatbots scan keywords from the customer’s query and deliver the answer accordingly whereas advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) to create respond to customer’s queries and issues. Advanced chatbots can even handle complex conversations very smartly and can deliver the best answer to the customers.

Here is a short example that explains the difference between basic and AI-powered chatbot, have a look to know how both the chatbots work and solve your customer’s queries in real-time:


AI-powered chatbots are flexible and typically better than the basic one because it has been integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) platforms. Hence it enhances brand online presence by providing the best experience to the customer.

More than 80% of people who interacted with a chatbot responded that they loved it and had a positive experience when they use it, while 59% of users stated that they would love to use the same technology in the future too. AI-powered chatbots help businesses to provide effective and qualitative service to them each time they choose them for making the purchase. (Source)

All the customers these days are looking for a much better option that connects them with the brands and thus chatbot can prove to be the best platform. Chatbot empowers the sales team to deal with customers in a much better way and automates all your sales. This automation and enhancement in customer service can result in improving online sales and business revenues.

Using this advance platform businesses can easily answer all the doubts of their customers and can satisfy them by offering excellent customer service. With the help of AI-powered chatbots, businesses can easily serve their service to end a number of customers at the same time.

As per a report by Statista, around 64% of businesses stated that chatbots allow them to provide a personalized experience to the customers, while 34% of respondents that they are quite happy receiving customer service from AI-Powered chatbots in this online retail situation. Businesses who use online chat like chatbot can solve customer’s problems much faster than before. It offers various benefits to the businesses and also enhances the customer experience to a great extent. Listed below are some of the pointers that justify how chatbot technology provides the best experience to the users.

A report by Comm100 represents that 73% of customers feel that they get a satisfactory result when they get live chat options as compared to that 61% of users prefer email support while only 44% for traditional phones option. When customers use a chatbot to get their answer they will feel like they are communication and being handled by live customer support employees.

As most of the advance chatbots of today use natural language processing (NLP) method it can deliver the best experience to the customers each time they interact with it. It will analyze the customer’s questions and will provide the answer accordingly to meet the need of your ideal customers.

Businesses can seamlessly integrate the chatbot with their business website or with an app like uber to save customers time and make business service trouble-free for customers. Now customers need not have to leave their favorite messaging app like Facebook or any other to find online resources of particular brands to answer their issues and queries, they can just get their answer on the same platform.

Facebook’s recent F8 2018 keynote report revealed that around 8 million messages were exchanged between businesses and Facebook users using a chatbot. But sadly only 1% of businesses that actually have their business account on Facebook are using the advanced technology to solve their customers’ queries and issues.

Problems and issues can boil up any time in the customer’s mind even after the working hours of the customer service staff. Hence you have to find different staff who can work for the shifts and can provide 24*7 service to your customers. But when you integrate a chatbot in your business environment you need not have to worry about finding employees for two different shifts, the chatbot will provide all-time service to your customers and will solve all their doubts and issues.

Chatbots can provide flexibility to customers to get their queries answers at any time of the day. Now they don’t have to wait for the physical staff to answer them or have to wait for an email message or voicemail as they can interact in real-time and can solve all their doubts.

According to a recent survey by Helpshift, chatbot reduces 73% of the time which agents took to handle customer queries while it resolves all the issues 71% much faster than the traditional method. Before the advent of a chatbot, customers have to call or mail service providers to get their query answer which was one of the most frustrating tasks as they don’t get quick responses for their queries, but now thanks to AI-powered chatbot they can get all their problems solved in real-time.

The same survey also revealed that 40% of Americans said that chatbots are very helpful to them while 70% of people respondents that they would love to have interaction with chatbots as it helps them to accomplish all their tasks much faster than before. It resolves their issues without human interaction, takes lesser time to answer their queries, saves their time as they need not have to wait to be answered on phones, and much more.

A chatbot can even smoothen the purchasing process for the customers. It can pop up on any of the website pages of your brand and can provide additional information about the product or service if the customer wants to know about it. It also helps them to gather information about the item they want to purchase, a method they use to purchase the item, how can they get their purchase delivery, and much more.

AmericanExpress report stated that more than 84% of people will prefer digital self-service tools. This tool list can include business websites, applications, chatbots, to get their queries answered quickly. According to a Comm100 report, most of the customers are leveraging predominant purchasing power due to AI-powered chatbot. They responded that instant messaging service will be appreciated by them for customer support channels as it helps them to get the quick response of their placed queries and problems.

Saves Time

response time is one of the biggest factors which is responsible for bad customer experience. Nowadays most of the customers are demanding an immediate response from the customers “within 24 hours” is no longer acceptable by the customers. Hence businesses who want to offer the best experience to the customers must surely involve chatbot in their customer service system. The waiting time on the live chat support system is around 2 minutes and 40 seconds hence most of the customers are more likely to adopt it instead of any other communication method.

Chatbot plays a crucial role when it comes to providing the best customer experience. It not only decreases the efforts of your customer service staff but provides the best experience to your customers by solving all their doubts in real-time.

Including chatbot within your customer services ensure an increase in your business productivity, customer base, sales, and profit. Hence if you want to leverage all the benefits offered by chatbot then hurry up include it within your business environment and provide the best experience to your customers all the time.

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