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How to create a Twitter bot without coding a single line


Guillaume Gay

Here is a tutorial to create a Twitter bot which can make actions as retweet tweets with key words, follow profiles, send DMs, follow back, and so on.
It will take a few minuts to do it and you won’t code a single line !

Your bot will make actions on this account. If you already have a Twitter account or if you want to separate the bot from your personal account (what I strongly recommand), create a new one with a gmail address. It is important to use gmail because you will need a Google account later.

First, we need to get access to the Twitter API.

Go on and ask for a developer account. Twitter need to know how you will use its API. You can imagine why. So fill all the fields of the form.
You will have to explain why you ask for a developer account. Be honest, unless you want to interfere in elections 😬

When finished, you will have to wait a few days for Twitter to accept. It is not the funniest part, I agree. It took me one day to have my developer account accepted.

Now you have your developer account, click on the β€œCreate app” button.

Choose β€œMaking a bot” option

Then, you have to define an app name and describe what it does. As I love politics, I will choose to make a bot which Retweet all the tweets that contain the word β€œFrexit”, with or without hashtag. It allows everyone who follows the bot to see what people are saying about this subject on Twitter.

For the Website URL, which is required, just put the Twitter account link if you don’t know what to fill it with.

App basic configuration example

In the tab β€œKeys and token”, generate Consumer API keys, Access token & Access token secret. Then, go on Twitter Bots App page and paste it on the right fields. Connect to the app with your Google account of the bot.

You can now configure the action, start and end time or Twitter search.

Congratulations, you made your first Twitter bot. Here is mine : already 893 retweets and 22 followers in a few days.

This is my first post on Medium, so tell me if you liked it πŸ˜‰


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