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How To Improve Your Customer Retention TODAY!


A key part to a restaurants success is customer retention.

Modern problems, requires modern solutions

Facebook ChatBots can be used to implement the red napkin technique,

Best part is, it can be completely automated…

Here’s how,

You run a simple ad,

Like this one,

Your potential customer would see this ad on Facebook, click on it and they would be redirected to a messenger bot,

This is where the magic happens,

They receive their coupon for what was offered in the Facebook Ad along with a couple messages explaining the basic t’s and c’s and steps on how to redeem the coupon…

The coupon will look something like this,

And you can put your t’s and c’s on here if you’d like

Made on

Okay, so what to do once they have redeemed their coupon?

You will need to send them another coupon to entice them for a second visit,

To do this,

You will need to create a second message sequence for everyone who redeems their 1st coupon,

Once they redeem that coupon you will create another sequence to give them a 3rd coupon.

Once they have visited your restaurant 3 times, you have massively increased their likely-hood to come back to the restaurant for a fourth, fifth, sixth time and so on

Gaining you huge amounts of business just from running simple paid advertising on Facebook

Below is the basic strategy outline I use to help restaurant owners successfully market their restaurant

It’s yours now, steal it if you’d like to

You’ll see in this strategy,

‘Collect Data for ROI’

This is probably the most crucial part of this flow,

What specific ‘data’ do we need? Well, it’s mainly two things:

If they have redeemed?


How much they spent?

Let’s talk about why we need to track if they have redeemed,

Why not just give out some coupons and see our restaurants full of new customers?


I don’t know about you but I like everything to be tracked, I want to know that the money I spend on advertising actually turned into customers at my restaurant…

An important part of seeing who has redeemed is you can see who hasn’t

And you can retarget them,

Maybe they forgot?

Maybe they just need a little push of encouragement?

Average Cheque;

You measure this every day at your restaurant,

So why not measure the average cheque for specifically who came into your restaurant because of your simple ad?

You can do this through your messenger bot!

All of this data can be sent to an easy to read Excel spreadsheet

Because at the end of the day, your restaurant is worth it

Okay okay, but you mentioned in your last article not to give people discounts…

You’re right, NO DISCOUNTS

But, FREE is different.

The psychology behind Free is different

When we see something that is offered to us for FREE we perceive the value is higher than when it is offered at a discounted rate.

Don’t believe me? well the results speak for themselves

“The researchers sold 73 percent more hand lotion when it was offered in a bonus pack (which included an item for free) than when it carried an equivalent discount.”

Whether they’re right or not, shoppers believed they get a better deal when they walk away with something for free instead of the option that was of an equal value just in a form of a discount…

Isn’t that nuts?

Even though they would’ve paid the same,

73% chose the option to get something for free…

And to be quite frank, people suck at math, fractions to be specific.

Everyone knows that free is equal to $0.00 but not everyone knows what 30% off 38.75 is…

So you see,

You can offer items for FREE at your restaurant because people understand that you can’t always give things away for free, they look at it as a special treat.

And often, when they get one thing for free, they have to spend more anyway to get a complete meal

A drink,

Some fries,

An entrée,

Yummy dessert,


They bring friends…

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