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The real truth behind building customer trust


Allegue Wessim

Customer trust is now at the heart of every successful business. It became tremendously difficult to reach a consequent volume of sales or to bond with your customers to generate loyalty. And still, most of the businesses and entrepreneurs assume that customers will trust them from the start, and put very few to none effort in relating and building confidence with consumers.

The truth is that most of us tend to neon the defensive side about businesses that is new to them. In this era full of dumb news and subjective truths, building an honest relationship became a must, still, this can be tricky to achieve.

Now Let’s provide you with some strategies, methods, and tools to build brand trust to convert it into sales.

Embrace the suck and the positivity

As humans, we tend to run and hide from criticism, especially when it comes to business feedback reviews. Most of what is going around and preached now are to put only the brightest picture with the perfect caption and start deleting bad reviews fearing that customers will run away. It’s true that if you have a huge amount of bad reviews hurt your brand in the short run but its never going to kill all your sales. Weirdly enough the business seems to appear more human and consequently trustworthy

Showing that you accept every feedback and improve on the past will make your brand feel authentic. The customer journey becomes an interaction and in no time you will gather positive reviews. Don’t be afraid of the truth it will only make you better

Stay true to the vision of your brand

Inconsistent branding causes confusion and skepticism. Sticking and sharing your vision and persona is comparable to a captain of a ship that is running things over: it generates trust. People easily get confused and distracted.

Be sure to include future trends to your projects or businesses but not at the detriment of your core brand values. And at last, if you have a marketing team be sure to communicate your values so content, answers, and the complaint will always represent your core values

Back up your content

Great content is surely a great way to build trust, but don’t fall in the pit of ‘fake it until you make it). Have the self-awareness to acknowledge what your good at and what value can you provide. Sometimes saying or claiming big words can easily be recognized by experts and elite of their respective fields.

The best approach here is to either conduct research on your own or link to reputable sites, studies, reports, or opinion pieces that are written by trusted experts in the field. You will also want to guarantee that your content marketing team is up to date with the latest reports and information. Encourage them to listen to industry podcasts or attend business conferences and gatherings so that the information they focus their content on is fresh and accurate.

Be There for them 24/7

Many people want to have holidays or shorter days of work. Or simply tell a 9 to 5 job is enough hours to accomplish what you want to achieve.

When customers are unable to get a hold of someone in the business, it can cause them to question its credibility. Even if someone does not need to reach out to customer assistance, it can still provide peace of mind for an uneasy consumer that help is only a few clicks away.

Be sure to list contact information on every single page of your website for easy access to customer service options. You may also want to consider investing in a live chat option or a customer service chatbot so people can receive assistance 24/7.


You can never really convince someone to trust you — trust is earned and built through experiences and interactions. It is up to your business team to cultivate a sense of trust and consumer confidence in every single aspect of your company.

By embracing transparency in customer reviews, following a consistent brand message, creating valuable and trustworthy content, and offering assistance at a moment’s notice, your brand can offer customers the experiences that build the trust that leads to conversions and loyalty.

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