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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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New year brings excitement to explore new opportunities, plan new strategies that can transform the whole scenario of the business. Especially when we look at the emerging technologies that were predicted to grow year by year, the chance for its implementation gets very high.

With the rise of popularity and technical advancement in the field of chatbot development, we all have this eagerness to know what they will bring us this new year.

Here are 5 chatbots trends businesses should look forward when they are planning their strategies for the next year:-

1. WhatsApp chatbots will bring business growth

With an inclination towards providing business-friendly conversations, Facebook Inc. is bringing the business right in the personal space of customers. Facebook Messenger has proved as an effective source for businesses to have a personalised conversation with the chatbots to their customers which has greatly improved in getting quality leads. Facebook Messenger is already home to more than 350,000 bots and is tremendously growing at a fast pace.

WhatsApp is now providing support to chatbots in their platform and this is the best time for you to build your brand this new year. Huge brands like Netflix, BookMyShow, KLM Airlines, OYO, etc are already utilising the platform for better customer reach and engagement. With more than 1.5 billion users, you can provide better engagement and support to your customers with the help of an AI conversational WhatsApp chatbot.

2. Chatbots will transform the enterprises functioning

Chatbots are now getting adopted for the better functionality of the internal domain in various enterprises. They are easing the complex process happening in employee on-boarding, human resources, and internal help desk. This has really helped enterprises in increasing their work efficiency and reduce expenditure in the whole internal functioning.

Big organisations like Sony, Visa, AIG, etc are already using chatbot solutions for better enterprise functioning and achieving excellent performance through it. The next year we will get to see more businesses adopting the chatbot for the same purpose so this will be the best time for you to get a chatbot for improving your business internal process as well.

3. Chatbots will ease the process of payment

E-commerce constitutes the largest share in the chatbot market and is tremendously growing with a CAGR rate of 29.7%. This implies that customers tend to prefer chatbots for online shopping, the only drawback being that the payment process redirects to third party applications. For easing the process of payment, it will now be incorporated in the chatbot platform itself.

Chatbots will directly be equipped with APIs of the payment system for the process to get completed on the same platform without much interference of third party systems. The same can be applied for business dealing with product selling where the payment gateway can be redirected in the chatbot itself.

4. Businesses will have a voice

Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant have already made an impact on every user’s smartphone and now they are looking to get more personalised with in-home applications as well. According to a survey by Canalys the number of smart speakers will be used will be 250 million the next year and in the coming years, the numbers are only going to increase rapidly.

This shows how much voice assistants are preferred as a means of communication which can be used as a benefit by businesses. Voice bots can be integrated into business applications and websites that would make the conversational experience a lot better.

5. Data-driven chatbots will perform efficiently

Businesses are now making decisions based on data as it’s refining their whole structure to provide a customer-friendly experience. Chatbots with intelligence is improving and performing based on the data that it takes during a conversation with the customers. The purpose being is to perform accordingly to the user’s requirement that can make the conversational experience better.

With sentiment analysis, the AI chatbots have the capability to train themselves and perform more human-like. The rise in AI-driven conversational chatbots will be reflected in every industry soon whilst giving an opportunity for your business to dive into the wave of digital transformation.


With a lot of predictions going around for the future of chatbots we need to see how well they fulfil the possibilities. Having a deep understanding of your business requirements is really necessary to build a perfect chatbot. This will surely improve your customer journey and experience which is very critical for your business growth.

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