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The Know-Hows of Building a Chatbot [Expert’s Recommendations]


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Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, they want to be addressed by a technology-powered system rather than waiting in long queues, listening to IVR, and replying to human agents. They want their query to be solved really quickly and without any waiting time.

This is where chatbot comes into the role! The recent report states around 21% of consumers find chatbots the simplest way to connect to a business. Furthermore, they are willing to spend approx $481.15 with a business via a chatbot interaction.

This is the reason why the tech-savvy millennials want to do business with companies having chatbots as their customer service agents.

The integrated natural language processing ability along with their impromptu way to provide answers make them a great tool for customers. According to Usabilla’s research, at least 54 percent of respondents said they would prefer to speak to a chatbot instead of a human customer service rep.

Below are the top reasons why tech-savvy millennials are looking to hire the best chatbot developers for integrating chatbots to their websites:

Do you know? On average, customers used to spend 7 minutes struggling to connect to a customer agent? But, gone are those days when your customers were patient enough to wait. These days they need quick replies and services. This is where chatbots outshine. They can operate every day throughout the year without any need to take a break. Moreover, they never get tired. All in all, improving your customer satisfaction and helping you stand strong among your competitors.

Chatbots are multitaskers; they can help in managing and handling multiple customers at one time. Thus, saving the cost of hiring a team of customer agents. Hence, it would remarkably bring down the expenses and result in a steep rise in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction.

People get bored and less productive while doing similar tasks again and again. But, with chatbots, you can automate these tasks. They help in saving your time while being more productive. From e-commerce bots to customer care bots, AI-based bots automate work and make it simpler for customers to get assistance.

With the growing demand for online stores, it is vital to engage your customers on your website by assisting them with their queries at the right time with the appropriate help. Chatbots have taken over this responsibility in a significant way. They provide an opportunity to sell products, suiting the needs of the customers. Moreover, AI-based sales and service chatbots remember the customer’s answers and tailor their responses for further communication. This way, they create a personal level of service with the customers. Many brands like Dominos, H&M, Amazon, etc. are using these bots to assist their customers online.

Customers can get frustrated when they do not receive answers to their queries instantly. Customers who don’t get prompt responses, may leave your website and never return. Chatbots can answer multiple questions at the same time. With customer care chatbots, you can eliminate this scenario and retain your customers.

Now, if you are considering the best chatbot development services for your business, it is important that you do thorough research and analysis of your customer service needs.

Confused what type of chatbot is right for your business? Consider answering the following questions:

  • Type of business do you own — SMB, medium-large or enterprise?
  • What is your business goal — customer support, upsell, subscription or retention?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Where is your target audience found?
  • The number of the messaging platform that you are currently using and how they are helping you?
  • What is your expected chatbot volume — hundreds, thousands or millions?
  • How much will be the cost of the bot?
  • What will be your marketing strategies for your bot?
  • What goals would the bot fulfill?

So, now that you are clear about the purpose and requirement of creating a chatbot, it is vital to know how much time will it take to prepare a chatbot. Depending upon the complexity and its function, the time required to build a chatbot can range from a few hours to 2–3 weeks.

Below are the three choices you may select from while building your bot :

Do you know there are market places for bots to solve specific business needs related to chatbots? You can check out these marketplaces in order to get the chatbot built quickly and without any extra efforts. You can explore Botlist to check the available catalog of bots that run on multiple platforms. These chatbots can be created then and there.

The issue with the ready-made bots is you can’t customize them, and they may not meet your goals completely. Companies having no to minimum requirements prefer using these ready-made bots.

Source: botlist

Want to build your chatbot without a professional developer? With self-service platforms, you can build your bot yourself. Some platforms may require technical knowledge, while others will let you create bots without writing the code. You can use websites like and Chatfuel to create bots, AI-algorithms, and integrate it with third-party services. These types of bots may require a few hours to a few days, depending upon your consistency of working on creating it.

The main challenge you may face while building the bot using bot-developer platform is drawing the flowchart and moving in the right direction.

Source: chatfuel

The third and the most preferred option is building the chatbot from scratch according to your business needs and your customer behavior. If you are the one who is not good at programming, the best and the most reliable option is to outsource it to the top chatbot development and AI development companies. They would understand your requirements and will help you in creating a bot that will fit your business goals.

Depending upon the logic and functions required, it may either take 120–160 hours on an average or to a maximum of 160–192 hours to create a chatbot from scratch.

Source: Signity Solutions

If you are considering to develop a chatbot and want a smooth development life cycle, it is recommended to talk with experts in the industry. They will advise you with the best strategies and platforms to build the chatbot.

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