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7 methods to instantly increase your authority online in 2020



Every business owner, creative, digital nomad spends so many hours sharpening his ideas, uploading the content and spend money to redirect traffic to his website to convert … just to see them go away and never come back!

Too low engagement? Too little followers ? not enough attention? disappointing sales?

Maybe if people start seeing you as an authority, you can change that. If you become an authority, people will listen to you.

And with people listening to you… subscribers, sales and fans will be just a part of your daily routine.


How do you become an authority?

Let me show you a few tricks…

His advice was to find the top-performing posts in your space by searching relevant hashtags or looking at the “top posts” in your area — and add your “two cents” in the comments 90 times a day. Hence, $1.80.

Not fluff comments that so many bots leave, but something meaningful that shows that you actually consumed the piece of content.

Do that 90 times a day, and you’ll start building a community and a personal brand

What people don’t realize is, the same strategy can apply to LinkedIn.

There are different ways you can find trending posts …

Either engage with it or produce it.

The $1.80 strategy is about engagement. It’s about seeing what posts and topics can be relevant to the niche you’re playing in and leaving thoughtful comments to build a following.

The other way to do it is by actually producing content through video, written, or audio form. One thing that I’m seeing to get traction on LinkedIn is native articles and text posts with content contextual to business.

… unless you use a simple Jedi trick.

If your website provides value to people, you’ll get an email from a person who wants to thank you — at least once in a while.

That’s the perfect moment to collect your testimonial: just ask the person if you can show his/her message on your website. The chances are that he/she is going to say yes.

By the way, this works also if you get a tweet, a message on Facebook or a comment on Instagram.

Notice that you can do this even without clients. A reader who thanks you is good enough.

And let me tell you that this is also retroactive: as long as you don’t delete your emails or messages, you can still capture your screenshot.

Once you have your testimonials, use them wildly.

So, if you have interactions with other experts in your field, you’ll be associated with them — thus people will perceive you as an authority too.

Now, hanging out with authorities in your niche may be quite hard…

… but you don’t need to!

You just have to show that you can interact with them.

The simplest way is to interview some authorities.

If you already have a why?

This should be easy to do

An interesting story is a very powerful tool to convey authority and bond with readers at the same time.

Stories are so effective, that I am using one in the first couple of emails of my autoresponder sequence.

Of course, not every story is good.

But few people talk about them.


It requires confidence to do it.

By sharing a weakness you have, you show confidence and you can bond with your readers.

First of all, you want to share a weakness that has been an obstacle in your field. Among them, you want to pick a weakness that you have overcome.

In this way, you’ll show that you both are human and have experience in your field.

Think about it…

Let’s suppose that you want to lose weight. There are two personal trainers close to you: one has always been in great shape, the other was previously overweight and then lost a ton of fat.

Which one would you prefer hiring?

You can decide to be ignored or you can get to work and be the authority you want to be.

Imagine how it will feel when loads of people will come to you for your advice…

… how will it feel when you have lots of clients and raving fans?

Does it feel good?

Well, then it’s time to accomplish all of that.

Wessim Allegue

Sources :

Andrew Harrison, Gary Vee

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