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Use Cases of AI Chatbots for Automobile Industry


AI Chatbots for Automobile Industry

Today, consumers are spending more time online than ever and businesses who don’t have an online presence would be losing out on prospective clients. Consumer behavior is evolving with every passing day as they are regularly engaging with FB Messenger or website chatbots now to get information on different products/services. Having a website or social media isn’t enough anymore, engaging your online visitors is important if the businesses want to increase customer base or revenues. Businesses spend money on ads and marketing to drive traffic to their websites or social media channels like Facebook but engagement is key here!

Chatbots can do effective engagement with online visitors and answer their repeated and basic queries without much hassles. Automotive Businesses see a lot of consumer visits either be it interested in buying a car or availing a service. So, the opportunity for automotive dealers is immense if they effectively engage the visitors with the help of AI-Powered Chatbot. AI-powered Chatbot with NLP can answer the customer repeated questions 24/7 without human assistance. Businesses don’t need to hire and train the human agents to answer the visitor’s basic queries when they could simply deploy Chatbots. In the case of complex queries, Chatbots can transfer the conversation to human agents. Businesses would need to hire a specialized and fewer number of human agents now thanks to chatbots deployment.

We will look at some of the use cases for Automotive Industry with the help of the IntelliTicks AI-Powered Chatbot Platform.

So, now Automobile Businesses won’t lose a single lead as the website chatbots will engage the visitors and offer them help in buying cars, providing services among others!

Chatbots will help in providing accurate information to visitors swiftly thus helping in acquiring customers while being a frontal virtual sales agent.

Customers all seek information at their fingertips without much hassle. Websites would have tons of information but today’s online customers don’t want to navigate through the website for specific information. Chatbots would guide the users through the various features of the different products and services being offered by the businesses. Be it pricing, any new offers, latest features- everything can be made accessible to the visitor by the chatbot.

With chatbot engagement, the visitor will get the full information at the fingertips instantly. This leads to customer acquisition and the customer would be willing to share details once he/she gets the understanding about what businesses offers.

Lead generating chatbots will automate the sales process and drive growth 24/7 especially when you’re offline and customers are visiting the websites at odd times.

Lead Generation with AI Chatbots
Lead Generation with AI Chatbots

Automobile businesses would offer Various services like Car Service, Interior Designing, Cleaning among others. Having a static form doesn’t help the visitors at all as they would be looking for specific information from the businesses. Appointment booking and scheduling services would be helpful for businesses in drawing new customers.

Handling Customer Requests 24/7 with AI Chatbots

Businesses can schedule the service for the customers using the chatbot itself. This saves the businesses a lot of time in hiring human agents to handle booking requests and schedule it.

Test Drive Booking with Chatbot

Trying a product/service is essential for every customer who wants to buy it. Automobile Dealers offer test-drive services for customers who want to drive the car before buying it. Brands offer test-drive services to the customers who want to get a look and feel of the car they want to buy. Hiring someone to handle the customer requests for test drives while scheduling it is an expensive and tiresome task.

Chatbots can do the scheduling for Test Drives and take- in the details of the visitors. Businesses can call and confirm the same over the call. This is basically qualified leads generation. Businesses don’t need to hire humans agents to handle the test-drive request while booking the same for the customers without the aid of human agents.

During festive times, businesses often find themselves inundated with requests from customers who seek information on new offers/discounts on brands. There would be a lot of calls from customers and hiring new resources to deal with it is an expensive and time-consuming task. Chatbots can handle the different client’s requests for information and help them in getting more clarity on different offers options.

Handling Customer Queries during Sales season with Chatbots

Chatbots will take the details of the visitors and the sales team could use that information to provide the customers with details about products/services.

People often encounter problems while driving their cars to be it a tyre issue, Brake or simply a breakdown. Customers appreciate quick help from the businesses in solving it. Calling and connecting to a customer agent would sometime infuriate them.

The chatbot would help that immensely. A customer can converse with Chatbot and his/her request is noted down and Instant Road assistance is provided.

The details of the customer would be forwarded immediately to the team and action would be initiated to help the customer in distress.

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